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Yep. What a disaster. Our defense for our feasibility study is really a disaster.

My companions didn’t know what to answer on my teacher’s questions. I think because they didn’t often lay their hands to work on this feasibility study.  That’s why when they didn’t know what to explain, I am here to rescue them.

My teacher has her own opinion regarding the defense. She thought that we didn’t work as one group. She believes that only one of us did this feasibility study . I can’t leave my friends in that situation. I need to lie.

I didn’t go to school this afternoon because of too much frustration. Plus, I feel much dizzy because I didn’t have enough sleep from last night’s cramming.


Midnight is coming and still, I am here in the front of my PC doing some feasibility study required for our Integrated Technology subject. I think it would still take me 15 pages before I could finish this one. I am exhausted, and I am very sleepy.


The lesson I’ve learned: THIS IS A GROUP WORK. A group should work with this one. NOT ONLY ME.

I should not have accepted this job. Mamimihasa ang mga kasama ko na ako at ako na lang ang gumagawa ng FS.

Pero naisip ko rin…

Pero graduation na rin. Last year na ito. Don’t wanna end my HS life miserable. Hayaan ko na nga. Tsktsk…

Karla, Joan, Allan, Mikhail, Eriel. LAGOT KAYO SA AKIN! 😀

Sleepy…I am sleepy… and yet, I have time to do this nonsense. Haha. Whatever.

What is important is I am doing many things at the same time. Owwws. Haha. Stupid one.

Need to finish work, guys. Till next time.

Janelle! *peace sign on my face*


My classmate, Jett, wearing her Sailor Venus Costume. Hahah. They competed on the Dance Competition of the Talents’ Show (The one our organization organized)

They looked cute on their uniform costumes. Orange is still swirling on my head! Hahaha! 

Unfortunately, they just managed to snatch the third place. Whatever. For me, their dance is the best. And they are self-declared Best Costume. hahah.

This is their group picture:


How cute!

Yeah. To think that I have already written SEVEN paragraphs for a new post, saka nito sasabihin na it encountered a problem and needs to close? SHEESH.

After how many days na walang klase because of school activities, at last, we had our first class this morning. But before that, our school’s Choir and Debate Society (Which both I am a member :D) sponsored the Monday Convocation in commemoration of the EDSA I Revolution. Our history teacher did some talk. Lalala. Whatever. I appreciated it. Haha. I am always interested with history. Kaya nga dun ako nageexcel eh.

I missed my classmates so much. It has been a busy week, last week. I organized our Talents’ Show and did so much work that I forgot to have some bonding moments with them. That’s why i make it to a point that I spend more time with them.

I also received my class pictures this morning. But there is a problem. How would I ask Mama to give me P245 for just seven pieces of photographs? Siguro bibigyan naman nya ako. It will be my last HS class picture.

Maybe I will post the pictures later pag na-scan ko na. 😀

Nakakainis! My older post could have been better! Kung hindi lang nagloko ang Firefox. TSSSS.dsc01980.JPG

Well, eto muna. We took this pic later last year and we tried to make it the most sophisticated picture ever. Ang resulta: Mukha kaming morons! Katuwaan kasi eh! My teacher brought her digicam to take pictures. Eh ako naman, parang eng-eng. Pinatingin ko ang lahat sa isang side. Nagmukha tuloy commercial. 😀

Yan na lang muna for today! Peace!

Akala ko hihinto na ako sa mga ganitong klaseng topic. But I think it cannot be avoided. This is a very interesting topic and deserves a space in my blog.

Korina Sanchez’ interview with the couple is too full of tension. The couple is seated on one sofa, close to each other, but relatively had a significant space between them. Halatang ayaw ng mag-asawang magkatabi sila in that moment. Kris, on my own opinion, answered every question in full honesty, while I think James said all the lies. He is all sweating and that cannot look directly on the interviewee’s eyes. Pero anong malay ko, baka ganun lang talaga siya.

But for what I know, it is too wrong for Kris to blame GMA Network for being the host of the said interview done by Lolit to Hope. Sabi nga sa Startalk that Saturday, “If the walls can talk, why can’t Hope?”. It is obvious that this would attract much money for the station, but they didn’t allow their interview to be biased and one-sided but instead they tried it to be less harmful for the both parties. They still gave the benefit of the doubt on the said issue and did really not mention any statements that may cause the show to loose credibility.

ABS-CBN, on the other hand, did a good job on handling the situation. They still managed to protect their talent’s integrity in spite of everything that had taken place.

The only thing to be blamed: Temptation. On both sides ha.

Peace be with everyone!

After using blogspot for several months, I’ve decided to switch on wordpress. Why? I think wordpress is a lot user-friendly.

Alas! I think I’ll be using this blog for the rest of the year. I wish. 😀

I would really want to pursue my blogging career though I still don’t have time to do it. But I promise to post more sensible ideas instead of posting chismis as being an entertainment blogger I used to be.

Janelle! *peace sign*


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