Akala ko hihinto na ako sa mga ganitong klaseng topic. But I think it cannot be avoided. This is a very interesting topic and deserves a space in my blog.

Korina Sanchez’ interview with the couple is too full of tension. The couple is seated on one sofa, close to each other, but relatively had a significant space between them. Halatang ayaw ng mag-asawang magkatabi sila in that moment. Kris, on my own opinion, answered every question in full honesty, while I think James said all the lies. He is all sweating and that cannot look directly on the interviewee’s eyes. Pero anong malay ko, baka ganun lang talaga siya.

But for what I know, it is too wrong for Kris to blame GMA Network for being the host of the said interview done by Lolit to Hope. Sabi nga sa Startalk that Saturday, “If the walls can talk, why can’t Hope?”. It is obvious that this would attract much money for the station, but they didn’t allow their interview to be biased and one-sided but instead they tried it to be less harmful for the both parties. They still gave the benefit of the doubt on the said issue and did really not mention any statements that may cause the show to loose credibility.

ABS-CBN, on the other hand, did a good job on handling the situation. They still managed to protect their talent’s integrity in spite of everything that had taken place.

The only thing to be blamed: Temptation. On both sides ha.

Peace be with everyone!