Yeah. To think that I have already written SEVEN paragraphs for a new post, saka nito sasabihin na it encountered a problem and needs to close? SHEESH.

After how many days na walang klase because of school activities, at last, we had our first class this morning. But before that, our school’s Choir and Debate Society (Which both I am a member :D) sponsored the Monday Convocation in commemoration of the EDSA I Revolution. Our history teacher did some talk. Lalala. Whatever. I appreciated it. Haha. I am always interested with history. Kaya nga dun ako nageexcel eh.

I missed my classmates so much. It has been a busy week, last week. I organized our Talents’ Show and did so much work that I forgot to have some bonding moments with them. That’s why i make it to a point that I spend more time with them.

I also received my class pictures this morning. But there is a problem. How would I ask Mama to give me P245 for just seven pieces of photographs? Siguro bibigyan naman nya ako. It will be my last HS class picture.

Maybe I will post the pictures later pag na-scan ko na. 😀

Nakakainis! My older post could have been better! Kung hindi lang nagloko ang Firefox. TSSSS.dsc01980.JPG

Well, eto muna. We took this pic later last year and we tried to make it the most sophisticated picture ever. Ang resulta: Mukha kaming morons! Katuwaan kasi eh! My teacher brought her digicam to take pictures. Eh ako naman, parang eng-eng. Pinatingin ko ang lahat sa isang side. Nagmukha tuloy commercial. 😀

Yan na lang muna for today! Peace!