Midnight is coming and still, I am here in the front of my PC doing some feasibility study required for our Integrated Technology subject. I think it would still take me 15 pages before I could finish this one. I am exhausted, and I am very sleepy.


The lesson I’ve learned: THIS IS A GROUP WORK. A group should work with this one. NOT ONLY ME.

I should not have accepted this job. Mamimihasa ang mga kasama ko na ako at ako na lang ang gumagawa ng FS.

Pero naisip ko rin…

Pero graduation na rin. Last year na ito. Don’t wanna end my HS life miserable. Hayaan ko na nga. Tsktsk…

Karla, Joan, Allan, Mikhail, Eriel. LAGOT KAYO SA AKIN! πŸ˜€

Sleepy…I am sleepy… and yet, I have time to do this nonsense. Haha. Whatever.

What is important is I am doing many things at the same time. Owwws. Haha. Stupid one.

Need to finish work, guys. Till next time.

Janelle! *peace sign on my face*