We had our second-to-the-last PMT class last friday. I thought I won’t enjoy it much for the class duration is 2 hours: 40 minutes longer from the usual. This is due to the fact that next Friday, we wont be having our PMT class because of the recollection to be held at the nearest parish church. We need to cope up, and we should practice the ceremonial parade as good as we could. The practical exam will cover that thing.

We had the inspection thingy, and to think that Cdtte. Col. Seranilla will be checking our platoon, I know it would be really fun.  Our commandant, Commandant Deolito L. Ben, is out for a meeting, so the officers are free to instruct us to do everything they want to. At that inspection, the officers instructed most of the girls of Alpha I and Alpha II to turn around slowly, twice and wave their hands ala-Ms. Universe style while holding their rifle on the other hand. Everyone bursted (though in a “pigil” manner for each laugh causes 3 demerit points)  to laughter as girls do that thing! Boys where also instructed to do those though we didn’t wave our hands like others did.

I  know it is somewhat abuse of power on their part, but the Cdtte. Col. said that we should just store our knowledge for next time’s inspection. That is good.

But I just realized that I had much demerits for that session. I laughed much that saliva starts spurting from my mouth. Tsk Tsk… Wished that I can force myself to stop laughing that time. Haha.

BTW, privates from the other platoons have different stories. They didn’t experience much fun like we did. 🙂