Yesterday, I was confronted (loss of right term!) by my school principal and asked me if I would be given the chance to have a scholarship grant at the Saint Louis University (that’s in Baguio City), would I give up UP and study there?

UP is UP. Sayang ang opportunity. I am among the 12000 students who passed UP out of a huge 70000. Pero naisip ko na sayang din ang scholarship sa SLU. It can help my family a lot to lessen the expense of college education.

These things came first into my mind before being able to ask why our school principal is asking these questions. She then asked my male teacher and I to get some package from our principal’s house. We hurriedly went to her house and fetched the package.

As I gave the package to her, my heart starts beating fast. I cannot understand why, but it just happened. As she opens the package, she explains some things, which my head that moment cannot process. My mind went blank, thinking the things our school principal might offer for me. I never did understand the significance of talking to her despite not understanding everything she is saying. I cannot understand what was really happening that moment, not until she gave me a piece of document. The document says something like this:

Saint Louis University grants Aguinaldo, Jessehyro Tito P. Half Tuition and Fees Scholarship for the First Semester of School Year 2007-2008 for being one of the 100 students who topped this year’s regular SLU College Entrance Examinations…

WOW. That was amazing. Though I am not the rank one on the said entrance exam, I am still one of the 100 students who topped SLUCEE out of 11000 examinees. I was too happy that time that I rushed out of the faculty room to report the good news. I learned that I was not only the one granted the similar scholarship, but four other friends who are also included at the Top 100 of the SLUCEE. However, the thing is, my rank is the highest among us five.

By this experience, I learned that though I am not a top student at our school, and that I am in a lower rank, it does not mean that it would limit my capabilities to perform better outside school. Not every top student is the most intelligent among the batch; I believe that. Diamonds at the first place are just coal-like objects to be polished to look sophisticated and glamorous.

By this time, though, my decision is partially final (may ganun ba?). I am not entering SLU. I want to pursue my dream and I want to start these dreams at UP. Still, I am hoping to get some scholarship for my study at UP. Tuition and fees increased this year.

By the way, my rank is 53.5 out of the thousands. 😀