Actually, these photos are approximately 11 months old. It was taken during my junior years, but it just came into my mind to show this to everyone. I find each picture nice and beautiful. Haha. Plus, it features places I often visit or pass by.


This is the lane to the second year-fourth year wing. The Big Tree up there is called the clituria tree. Don’t know why it was called such, so don’t ask me. 😀



To the left is the lane to the third year corridor. The right picture is our school’s facade.



The Clituria Tree on a nearer shot. The Tambayan can be seen at its back.


The Hallway. This is the Third Year’s Corridor. The fourth year corridor is similar to this one. I really love this photo!


There you have it. A partial tour at University Science High School. My school. Hmmm. I hope I get extra credits on my subjects by promoting our school. 😀