I accomplished almost all of my requirements (well except my thesis which is to undergo some editing) so i am almost 85% sure of being a 2007 graduate. Though I don’t have the chance of graduating without a line-of-seven grade, ayos na rin yon. At least I am finishing my HS. Ayoko nang umasa. It is a great feeling that you need not to think of things to be done the next day. Napakafulfilling!

Napakalungkot pa rin isipin na gagraduate na ako and I need to part ways with my usual kabarakadas. Haaay.

Need to rest. I was too tired the whole week because of cramming!

News for everyone: The NCAE or the National Career Assessment Examination results was already released. Sa monday ko pa makukuha ang card ko sa NCAE so irereport ko na lang sa inyo kung ano ang nakuha ko. 🙂