I can’t use my PC for a couple of days. I sent my PC to a repair shop (repair shop? don’t know. :D) Plus, my laptop is still not functional because of similar reasons: virus. So I am at our computer lab to do some blogging. 😀

The NCAE results are so stunning: I got “just okay” remarks (if you call that humility!). The results are as follows:

 General Scholastic Aptitude

Scientific Ability- 98 Reading Comprehension- 99 Verbal Ability- 97 Mathematical Ability 99

Overall GSA: 99+

Technical-vocational Aptitude

Clerical Ability- 92 Manipulative Skill- 90

Overall TVA: 96

Non Verbal Ability- 99+

Entrepreneurial Ability- 99+

Occupational Field of Interest: Artistic (includes directors, actors, radio/TV announcers and MAKEUP ARTISTS. WTF!

As you can see, NCAE DOES show my real occupational field of interest. Is it effective or just coincidental? I don’t know.

The thing that I just want NCAE to do: Give Cash Incentives to high pointers! haha. Just joking. I know the Philippine government cannot afford such incentives.

Ooops. I’m using the school PC without paying for it. Haha. I’m so evil! Got to go before the computer aide sees me.