My laptop is the only resort! My PC is still undergoing much repair (or should I say overhaul!)

And yeah, my friend Rodel and I talked yesterday about the Philippine Blog Awards where an alumnus of our school became a nominee and at the same time Kuya Bikoy, a future schoolmate (schoolmate daw, o!) was nominated and qualified as one of the finalists. We started to daydream and wished that someday, both of us be also nominated like them. Haha.

And last night, I wished to die. Yeah! Not joking!:D

I didn’t go to school this whole day for I still feel freedom of speech-deprived. No, not because i wasn’t able to post entries as often as I used to do. Maybe my father wants many things to be incorporated into my mind that for now still I cannot accept myself. Understanding and accepting a value does not just come in instant. It undergoes a process. I hate to say it, but I think he wants to have a duplicate of him through me.

We had a fight yesterday, which I can’t really detail now. I still feel much hurt. But despite everything, I still love him so much.