Wilfredo O. Pascual, who received a Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature a few years ago just visited my blog yesterday. I was flattered, though I do not know if he was really that one. At the end of the message, he mentioned Perry, that is, Perry Irish H. Duran, a classmate, whom I try to court. Haha. I do not know how on earth did Sir Willi knew that one. I am thinking that it could be prank or something. Haha. It is just too good to be true. Haha.

I am still on Cloud 9. Sana totoo. The only thing to confirm this is through him, too. I need to see my name on his blogroll. Sabi kasi nya sa comment, ilalagay daw niya link namin ni Ate Coreen. Haaay.

By the way we had our Tea Party this afternoon and I let the whole school to know that this controversial post The Things We Really LOVE to Say do truly exist. I even read the first few paragraphs. Very courageous indeed. And the principal was there, listening to every word I say. Ako lang ata ang may speech na negative comments-dominated. Hehe. And I think it was the shortest one. Kasi si Rodel kanina thirty minutes atang nagsasalita. Hehe. Peace Rodz.

At least I said it. At last. I just mentioned the first three paragraphs of the post so that they would go to my blog to check for it. Haha. That could contribute to higher blog hits. Haha.

The thing to that: I didn’t mention my blog’s URL. 😀