We had a beer party at Homer’s house last Friday. It was his victory treat, and it was really fun. Almost the whole batch was there, eating and singing all the way. It had been an unforgettable night, for it was the first time that we were allowed to drink beer, and almost everybody has their fair share of alcohol. Even the people whom you thought would not resort to drinking like Faye, Eriel, and Nichol gave their best to take at least 5 bottles of beer. Haha.

The food was good; it was meant for a drinking session. The party had my favorite dish Lechon Paksiw and fried shrimps. The fried shrimps are good—they are too crunchy that you need not to peel its’ outer covering (don’t know what it is called. Haha). While others are busy inside Homer’s house playing Sims, most of us are outside, singing our favorite songs in the videoke machine. We even had a contest. Incidentally, Perry MY Loves won the contest. She got the highest score when she sang the Voltes V theme song.

It was the first time I saw Homer drunk, obviously because he cannot talk straight, though he can still play decent badminton outside. And he always win. 😀
It was a far move from what transpired on the recognition day, where everyone has sullen faces because of emotional speeches by the Valedictorian and the Salutatorian.

I didn’t sleep till morning. I waited and waited for everyone to fall asleep but nobody did, so, I laid myself on the sofa and just closed my eyes to rest. On that time I thought of something that I should have realized couple of hours before.

That would be our last party, because on Wednesday, we will be wearing our robes. It will be graduation day.

It would be the last party that we are all together as a batch, as a whole, as a family. And it wouldn’t be sure if we will have a similar gathering in the near future, if we will be as complete as that one, if we will get drunk the way we were that time, if we would eat together again on a long table, if we would be playing Sims too. Oh My Gosh. That time, every experiences, every happy moments, every memorable moments of HS life kept on disturbing me. It is all coming back to me. Naaabsorb lahat lahat.

"It's all coming back

It's all coming back to me now

There were moments of gold

And there were flashes of light

There were things I'd never do again

But then they'd always seemed right

There were nights of endless pleasure

It was more than any laws allow

Baby, baby :D "

Sabi nga ni Faye “It is so hard to let go of you kasi attached na ako”. It is so hard to say goodbye and to send them away, pero naisip ko rin na hindi ko naman sila kailangang I-let go. Kasi kahit na magkakahiwalay na kami, doing our own business, nandon pa rin yung bond namin at magakakasama pa rin kami in heart and mind. Magkikita-kita pa rin in the future, kami kami lang rin ang magiging ninong at ninang ng mga anak namin, kami kami lang din ang suportahan sa mga kasal namin. At kung may pagkakataon man na hindi kami magkakita-kita, God has his wonderful tricks to make us see each other again.

Ayan na naiiyak na ako. Paano pa kaya sa Grad day?

Sabi nga ng isa kong kaklase, “All things, specifically good things, still come to an end.” I love you guys. Hindi ko kayo kakalimutan.