It has been a long time since I did some blogging, and see, even though there are a lot of things to tell, I still feel that I cannot do decent writing. Maybe because I was too filled with sadness because it is really hard to adjust to a new life, especially that the faces you usually see everyday would not be the faces you’ll see when you go to school on June. Anghirap magtapos ng high school. Though I didn’t cry during the commencement exercises (because it wasn’t solemn enough) I still feel very sad.

Yeah, the graduation was not, after all, that memorable, for it wasn’t as private as we want it to be. See, the other laboratory schools of the university are with us, and it was the first time that the university held a joint commencement exercise of all the laboratory high schools.

I was very annoyed that time because some of the laboratory high school students are really noisy. There are some “insecure yan kaya maingay” guys near my seat who kept on laughing on other school’s valedictory address while all the time they speak unacceptable and eardrum-splitting English. Well, I can’t totally blame them coz some of my colleagues acted that way too (Even I myself acted that way on an instance or two). Pero nakakainis talaga eh. Astig naman yung mga speech ng mga valedictorians especially the speech ng Agricultural Science and Technology School, to think na kadalasan eh minamata-mata lang sila because they work more at fields than we usually do.

Overall, it was fun. Haha. Here are some pics. Haha. By the way, our graduation was held at the university’s graduation site (Which is outdoors, with plants, grasses, on a garden-like field). FYI, since 2003, the USHS graduation was held at the University Auditorium.


This is me with my sister, a co-graduate. She studied early, so she was able to catch up. Madalas akong napagkakamalan na repeater. Haha.




Me receiving the diploma kuno. Wala namang laman.




After receiving the diploma kuno. I was really happy. Really happy daw oh. Haha




Me, my sister, on our seats. Low quality na ang pic para mabilis ang pag-upload. Haha. Andamot ko noh.





Me and my very special friend (there is no such thing as best. Haha. Pero kung meron siya na yon) ala TV hosts. Again, a low quality photo from me.





The Valedictory Address. Asus! Pretending to be an honor student, this is a goofy me. But seriously, I wish I was the valedictorian. But how? Bottom ranker po ito.