I woke up earlier than before (that is eight o’clock) to fix myself for a libot trip at UP. I need to acclimatize myself to UP environment to avoid getting the “probinsyano ka anoh” impression in the event I enter the university at June.

My cousin Kuya Ze and I left the house at eleven.:D

We had a long walk from the house to Pantranco (is that how it should be spelled?) and waited near Jollibee and the soon to open Hotel SOGO for a jeepney ride straight to the UP Campus. After a few minutes of waiting, we were able to find one.

I then saw the familiar path to UP. It was one of the greatest thing at UP, the pathway to the entrance, with the Oblation standing near a nicely-designed facade. Sunflowers can be seen as you pass the many-lane pathway, and huge sculptures can be seen on each sides of the road. When the jeepney turned right, I saw huge acacia trees covering the street: it was a lovely scene. Deja Vu . It was like I was again in my former home, the Central Luzon State University, passing through its acacia tree-shaded streets.

We then dropped by Vinsons to check if I was accepted at the dormitory but irritatingly, I need to check back tomorrow for the announcement of results were moved. Vinsons’ hallway was kinda dirtier than before. As I walked along the hallway of the second floor, I took a glance at the Kabataan Partylist room where I partially saw people on the middle of a hefty conversation.

I sent a text message to Nikki (she wants to be called like that) Aquino, my classmate for two years to ask her whereabouts. She was in Melchor Hall for her enrollment, so my cousin and I rushed to Melchor Hall to meet her. After just a minute, she and her mother left.

I was supposed to meet another friend, Darrel Jimenez, but he was still inside Melchor Hall to enroll, so, we decided to take a stroll and find Kalayaan Residence Hall-my supposed dorm. And we found it. Really surprising. I still want to visit UP Film Institute but rain clouds started to cover UP so we decided to end our UP libot. We waited for a jeepney at Osmena (where Juinio, Malcolm, and Melchor Hall can be found) and found out that jeepneys does not pass that road. We looked hopelessly dumb! Upon riding the jeepney I was able to wander my eyes around to search for familiar buildings like the UFO-like church, the Infirmary, and the so-called shopping center. I then found Plaridel Hall, my supposed college.

The End.

Oh wait. We then went to SM North Edsa and ate food at The Block.

And we went home riding a nausea-inducing jeepney. When I asked the lady beside me to please send my fare to the driver, she didn’t respond, so I thought she did not hear me. So I repeated my request, on a louder tone. She then responded on a loud and sarcastic tone “Sandali lang ha.” I didn’t know that she was getting her fare, too. I said sorry but she just ignored me. Oh well.

We stopped by Pantranco and took the overpass. I was too dizzy that time because the jeepney has nausea-inducing breaking patterns. I thought that I really need to puke but I resisted. I was able to go home safe, sound, and clean, but upon entering the living room, my body just automatically dropped on the sofa and didn’t notice that I fell asleep for four hours.