I barely slept for around three hours because I feel very uncomfortable sleeping beside the aircon. It was so noisy and at the same time very cold. Plus I was too worried for I wasn’t sure if my requirements for the enrollment are already complete.lasallite.jpg

I woke up at 7:00 to fix myself. I was very lazy that time for I still feel that I still need to lay my head to bed. But still, we (my father, straight from the province accompanied me) left my cousin’s house at 8:00.

Since it was my first time to go to Plaridel Hall, I was a bit confused because when we arrived at the said hall, the gates(gates nga ba? basta yung nasa pinto sa harap) are still closed. I thought that I was too early but I found out that the orientations started some minutes ago at the annex. Wow. Late.

So I registered through a cozy laptop on the registration table and they gave me a *kit and a name tag. I then went straight to the CMC Auditorium.

The CMC Auditorium that time was already full, and only a few seats on the front was available, so I needed to bow down while walking to avoid interrupting other students.

Since I only slept for three hours, I wasn’t on the mood that time to shout, clap, and follow melchor.jpgthe MC’s instructions to make the crowd lively. Though these people from SaMasKom (the MCs) are really lively and an attention magnet, they still did not wake up my sleeping mind. Well, not until the male host went to some kind of Question and Answer portion and put me to the hot seat. I am in front, so sabi niya “Malas mo nasa harap ka. Dyan ka umupo eh. So tatanungin kita.” And then he asked me a question similar to this:

“Bakit ka nag-UP?”

So ako, wala sa mood. I just simply answered “Eh kasi wala kaming pera.”

Some (I can’t justify kung some or most or everyone. Nakatakilod ako nun. Haha.) clapped their hands and I even heard one faculty (girl, short-haired) say “Good answer.” E hello, wala ako sa mood. Haha.

The orientation then focused on sexual harassment and gender orientation. CMC Chair Kuya Karol then had some talks on varying issues (mostly for entertainment and comical purposes, haha) and presented some student council members. After several minutes, we were able to go out and have a break for a while and then we went to some Film Reps for papeles.jpginstructions. They are fun to be with, and they even initiated a game which I really cannot understand. The film reps that I still remember the names are kuya Tope, Kuya Caloy, Ate Ice and Ate Sam because they are the some who still wears their name tags on.

We then went inside Plaridel Hall for the advising and fell on one line. Well, actually the line is two. Haha. One is for already enlisted on their courses and a line for those who haven’t preenlisted. And it took us more or less thirty minutes to finish that station! And sabi ko nga sa katabi ko, “And Step 1 pa lang tayo ha.”

Upon getting out Plaridel Hall and getting in Melchor Hall where the enrollment took place, I noticed that people who talked to me know my name when all the time I still cannot remember when did they first talked to me to ask my name. I then noticed that I haven’t removed my name tag yet, to my disgrace. 🙂

Okay. This story is now too long, like the pila sa UP. I still cannot imagine na pipila ako ng ganong katagal ng humigit-kumulang walong beses sa buhay ko sa UP. Ay. Katakot.

Nasampolan na nga ako nun nung mag-isa akong nagpunta sa UP for the first time (story and pictures soon!) kasi super haba ng pila sa Vinsons sa sakayan ng jeep. Sabi ng mga upperclassmen masanay na raw kami. Nung enrollment nga raw na yon, priority pa kami. E paano na yun pag hindi na kami priority? Mas matagal pa sa pilang ginawa ko ang gagawin ko? Oh My Gosh.

UP really stands for University of Pila. Haha.

But I still cannot stop thinking of the fact that I was too lonely at those moment kasi wala akong kakilala.

* The kit includes the UP-CMC survival kit, which has some direct attacks to La Salle (really made me laugh, with the singko grade wahaha) some forms and a green thingy provided by the student council. I think.

—oo nga pala, sa mga kaibigan kong hindi pa nakapunta sa UP-Diliman, ang gusaling nakalagay sa blog entry na ito ay ang MELCHOR HALL kung saan ginanap ang enrollment na may pagkahaba-habang pila.