I am back in Quezon City and something welcomed me last night. 🙂

I was watching Jumong in a cold room (obviously because it is air-conditioned) when I heard pops of fireworks from somewhere. I just ignored it but it seems that it is in the same rhythmic fluctuation patterns of the lights inside the house. I asked my cousin about those sounds and he just said “Ah…Basketball lang yon.” But when we send our heads out of the door, we were shocked to see that the electrical wires in front of the house is on fire.

We immediately woke Tito and Tita up to fend on the catastrophic incident happening outside. Tita was really on panic while Tito went out of the house to turn off the main switch. Suddenly, neighbors also went on panic (because we are living in a closely-packed neighborhood, sharing a single building divided into quarters) and went out of the house immediately.

So we went out. And it was like a party. A lot of us is on the streets with elders already crying on one side, dogs were sent out to be safe, and kids (teens I mean) are sitting on the street. Well, at first, I felt that they were too overacting, because the “fire” is still on the wire, burning the rubber-coating (Is it rubber?) of the wire off. Immediately, the Barangay Chairman arrived holding an expired fire extinguisher, which I doubt if it worked. Buti na lang kamo may dala pang isang pampatay ng sunog. Haha. So the fire was off.

My sister then arrived from work. I saw her so I said “Oy ate!” We then went inside the house.

Grabe. Nagkwentuhan kami sa gitna ng napakadilim na bahay. My sister said she was really worried because upon reaching the area she heard one of the neighbors said “May nagpaputok daw”. I confirmed our safety when she heard me call her. My Tita then told us that the first thing she is about to bring out of the house was in fact her shoes. She sent the light on her shoes with the small flashlight-and yes, it was near the door. My cousin then insisted that they should now look for a safer place to live, where there is no blackouts and no fires. Haha.

Since Meralco took a little less than an hour to come and fix the burnt wire, I was able to serve the house as the human fan. I was the official aircon that time, serving my sister and my cousin.

Meralco fixed the problem immediately, and traced the source of explosions as overloading. Well, we aren’t the one using two air conditioners at the same time, mind you. It was someone out there. Ahahah. Yeah. Neighborhood love.