piratesActually, I was partially hesitant to watch the movie, since I haven’t viwed the two first films. But since I love watching movies at cinemas, I still went with Ate to watch it. 🙂


I’ll just mention some things which made this film worth watching. These are some of the reasons why you should watch it:

  1. One of the best visual effects I’ve seen so far is the waterfall scene. I also liked the whirlpool scene, it makes me shiver when I imagine myself in that kind of situation.
  2. Sound is well, music is well. What I really love is the climax part. The music is well-arranged. Haha. And also the pirate’s song at the start of the film.
  3. There is enough humor in this film to make you not feel bored or something. Even I, who failed to watch the first to films of the series had much fun watching it.
  4. Captain Davy Jones’ tentacles is so…amazing.
  5. Captain Jack Sparrow will get hallucinations (ooops. ahahaha)

Reasons why you shouldn’t watch Pirates:

  1.  The  stupid MTRCB rated it General Patronage. You won’t love your kids to see gunshot wounds on the head, clear stab wounds on the chest or torso, or a weapon plunged from your ngalangala then passing to the brain, to the head, to the scalp. Or Davy Jones’ tentacles slashed. Plus you don’t want your children to see kissing adults (though obviously you really want to see them kiss, or do someting more. Haha). It doesn’t mean that it is Disney made, it will be as child-friendly as Mickey Mouse or Sleeping Beauty. 🙂
  2. The love story between Davy Jones and Calypso was not detailed. Really annoying.
  3. There are a lot of plotholes in the movie.

But overall, still a good movie. 🙂 Need to watch the other two. Haha.