Last May 30, I attended the department orientation for Film Majors at Cine Adarna at UP Diliman Campus. Well, one o’clock was really too early for an afternoon meet, but shempre, dahil professional ako, I went to UP at 12:00. Haha. Pero hindi muna ako pumunta sa Cine Adarna. Of course, I could have looked a little stupid if I’ll be very un-Filipino. Haha. You know what I mean. Filipino Time.

So, I ate my lunch at the Vinsons Hall’s The Grille, and to find out that they have a blackout there. It was so hot and my food was incredibly hot, too. Sisig with flaming chili peppers, that is. And my drink—a steaming 12 oz Royal.

So before 1, I walked my way from Vinsons to Cine Adarna to find out that I was one of the few persons who are actually in the site. One guy offered me a seat (Thanks!) near the cool door as I wait for the registration. Well, it actually didn’t take long before the registration started, and I was able to recognize some familiar faces like Cedric, Phi, Mitch, Bea, Dale, and others.

The orientation started with some film showing, the first one I saw, is a film about gays, with kissing scene and all. The next one was an animation (wow!) about a paper toy’s adventures to find his missing part. The last one was titled “Bingit”, which actually depressed me because of the death of the female character in the end. Actually Bingit was really a great short. I love the script, the cinematography, and the simple acting. Exceptional!

Then two members from CAST came to either orient us or entertain us. Haha. I don’t know which of the two, it can be both. Haha. Well I can see the effort on trying to make us laugh, but sorry, it didn’t work for me. Maybe because Bingit depressed me much. Haha. Ganun talaga ako eh, masyadong naaattach sa mga bagay-bagay.

After some hefty blah blahs, the orgs were given a chance to promote themselves through Audio-Visual Presentation. Sa totoo lang, dalawang org lang ang stabd-out sa AVP nila: Ang Cineastes’ Studio at ang CAST. (Nakita ko pa si kuya bikoy na may kissing scene. Haha)

Ummm…oo nga pala! Kodak gave us freebies! Yehey!

The orientation ended with the sobrang-habang lakaran este tour pala. Masaya naman kasama yung gay member ng Cineastes’.

Bale torn between two orgs ako ngayon. Ano kayang mas maganda, Cineastes’ o CAST? Marami kasing celebrity members ang Cineastes eh. haha. Pero CAST, ayos ang hatak sa akin. Ano Kaya???