See, it is really a challenge for me to live in a dormitory filled with anonymously different kinds of people. The real challenge in this one is that I need to fend on my own, eat alone/with some friends only, wake up early without people having the need to wake me up, prepare my bath, prepare my clothes, etc. But things are working just right at Kalayaan Residence Hall, more popularly called Kalai.

Life seems easier than other dormitories available because, obviously, Kalai was made specially for freshies like me. It is really great that i was never bored despite the lack of amenities I usually savor like unlimited television (By the way, Kalai has a large flat screen TV but obviously, puro kapamilya yata ang mga Bisayang nakatira dito kaya hayun…), internet, ref. You way think that was too luxurious for me to tell, but aminin man natin, lahat talaga ay may ganitong mga bagay sa ating mga bahay. But Kalai never made me feel bored. Or maybe, dahil nga busy sa school, kaya hindi na rin ako nabobore. 🙂

I just remembered.  Kalai also makes us a better person through putting us to the next stage of life: adulthood. They are starting to train us basic things that would help us grasp every responsibility on our way. To tell you proudly, today, my roommate and I are assigned to make sure the bathroom’s cleanliness. It wasn’t a bad thing! As I mop the wet floor with a clean mop and make sure every feces on each toilet bowl is flushed all the way. 🙂

So far, I am having the best time at UP! Yeah!