It was really a pain. And worth-crying. Yeah.

Tuesday was my ID day. It was the day for me to have that picture-taking thingy and have that small card to be shown on guards, and start hiding that hideous Form 5 because it is starting to look crispy and that. Yeah. It was supposed to be on that Tuesday afternoon that I’ll be getting photographed, but hell, no. I decided to go to TriNoma to get my hair fixed. I really wanted to look good on that ID picture and be different. See, it is really UP’s tradition to have a very untidy look on your ID picture, and yes, you’ll be using that ID for the next four years.

And that haircut cost me a total of 250 pesos.

I thought Thursday was my lucky day because I didn’t need to reschedule my ID day. They let me fall in line and all that despite failing to attend my supposed ID Day. I even brought my comb so that my newly-cut hair would look perfect as it should look like. I even brought my pink pack of gay-looking tissue hankies to wipe off the excess oils on my face. I fixed everything. And yet I still look HIDEOUS. FUCKING HIDEOUS. I really, really want to look good in my ID. Oh My God. I am again transforming into an Econ student, again. Duh. Perhaps this UP tradition can’t be escaped, after all. Hayup na yan.

So I spent for some kind of 300+ fucking bucks just for a completely trash ID. Hahaha. Very funny! And my budget for this week is completely going down the sink, like, I was spending them for useless things (perhaps like this FUCKING ID). But no, I had much research on that stupid Math 1. Oh no. Not stupid, I mean, elementary. Haha. Tapos hindi naka-uno. Ano naman yon?

OFF-TOPIC/OTHER TOPIC/WHATEVER: We had our very first (or second, or third, I don’t know) block activity and we met some of the Film graduates. I was fun. They made us laugh and said some tips on Film life.

Well, the fun stopped when they eventually started calling me “Hyro, Ang Pambansang/Pilipinong OREO.” Hahahaha. For foreign readers (if any) HI-RO (as how my name is pronounced, like HAI-RO) is a sandwich cookie based/similar to the America’s OREO. So, eat that.