The longest title yet.

I was almost doing org stuff everytime. And it is eating my acad time, really. I cannot do any complaint because after all, they didn’t force me to do it for them. I myself do it self-reliantly.

I thought the UP Cineastes’ Studio application process is just a piece of cheese. Umm, yeah, it is a piece of cheese, but a BIG piece of cheese. I’m not a rat that chew this cheese at a breeze. Aside from the regular process common to other organizations, we had to shoulder different tasks which is really above our skills. Kinakaya naman, pero mahirap talaga.

Despite all these trials and tasks we need to nail, I’m still sticking to my decision not to defer my application. It would be really a shame on my face if I’ll quit, and I will neverbe able to look on my co-apps’ and cineastes members’ eyes like before.

Talking about org stuff already eating my acads time, I just had my VERY FIRST REAL LONG EXAM this morning for my Natural Science class. It was like a high school periodical exam. Really hard. There are only two possibilities why it is hard: I didn’t study well because I lack time, or the prof has some grudges on me so he made the exams really hard for me to accomplish. Haha.

I just said that the exam is hard because it is really hard to accept your low scores when all the while you are saying the exam is really easy. I’ll wait for my exam results before i can really justify the difficulty of the exam. Haha.

The weird thing about UP is: Kahit na 15 units lang ang kinukuha mo at higit na konti ito kaysa sa ibang schools, ang feeling mo after the week e parang 40 units ang kinukuha mo this sem. Ganoon ang feeling. Maybe because your travel from one building to another can be a lot more tiring than studying itself. Haha. Just kidding. But the first one is really really true.

Kaya huwag nang magtaka yung mga tao sa Kalai kung ganito ang laging dialoque pag kausap niyo ako:

Kalai people: Hi Hyro! How’s your day?
Hyro: Haggard…
Kalai people: Kumain ka na?
Hyro: Haggard…

O kaya sa CMC wag na rin magtaka pag ganito ang eksena:

Blockhandler: Hyro! (with the exaggerated trademarked Hyro wave) Ang Pilipinong Oreo!
Hyro: (sa isip: Pakshit pagod ako ah.) Hello po…Super ngarag…

Kasi nga lagi akong ngarag. Lagi akong pagod. Lagi akong haggard. (Smiles, but with one eyebrow raised ala Mrs. MMReyes)