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Haha. I just got some photos of our field trip in Intramuros! Enjoy!

Actually, this field trip is I think a month ago but of course, I would really love to share this piece of memory I got. And for a fact, this field trip is one of the most memorable field trips ever!

Kas Friends

My Kas 1 Friends (I’m the big one at the back, obviously)|Fort Santiago



Another group photo|Beside the golf course



The Bus Ride. Hahah. Enjoy!



Taking the lead!|San Agustin Church



Happy moments wth Sir Chua|Paco Park



CHORVS The Class Picture|San Agustin Church



Two lines apart|GSIS Museum


Photos courtesy of Sir Chua and Lhenvil 




La Petite Mort

Life is like the little death.
It just goes, and then comes again, then goes away.
Black light of dashing sunset blinds my eyes.
Scorching heat and humid air pierces my skin so deep.
My eardrums bleed as of moaning echoes of fair Lady Amore.
Tongue is tormented with the salty-sweet tastes of pearls.
It smells fishy.
And rotting.
Her lips taste like smelling newly mowed grass,
It tickles my sight.
The utterance of a well-made speech was made
by Mark Evans on the southern end of Spelthorne, Surrey.
It wasn’t a good speech, after all.
A cake can’t be made if you don’t have an oven.
Only monkeys eat cake not baked in an oven.
Are you a monkey?
Monkey, monkey, Annabelle!
Anyone can pass his or her driver’s license test
because people have huge feet and a sore thumb.
Vorrei mangiare solo una piccolo cosa.
No, no no. I only speak English, sir.
The bittersweet scent of love
is the most horrifying smell I’ve ever had.
Red roses are for mourning people.
Rose is the flower of sadness and hate.
Red is the color of death.
I rolled on the highways of San Francisco
and jumped from the topmost spires of Petronas.
Lame Jesse, he cannot do the Marathon.
He is so weak and vulnerable.
Someday there will be catastrophic waves of the sea
and everyone on earth will be wiped out.
Nevertheless, I would love her still.
I love the pebbles from my Aunt Marietta’s farm.
It is so soft and is absorbent.
To the place where you will go, I would hide.
Ci vorra molto tempo?
Before my shoes can write the best poems of life
and his sole can speak “Replace me. My heels have gone folded!”
Before every pain will just feel like the quick, little death
and Lady Amore would finally
sing a beautiful song.


There. My orgasmic poem. I don’t know, but somehow my Creative Writing teacher isn’t so happy about it. Maybe because she didn’t expect me to create a poem about “those things” that early. Or maybe it was just too orgasmic for her. But for what I know, it’s not all about that thing. I don’t know. I don’t feel good about my poem, either.


Walang sense. Ewan ko ba.

May hang-over pa yata ng nakaraang whole week holiday (dahil sa bagyong Egay) ang linggong ito dahil bakasyon galore pa rin ang mga teachers ng UP. Aba, mga walang pasok! Hehe. So, most of my so boring classes are still suspended because of undefined reasons. Nakakainis lang at walang klase kay Sir Chua. Nakakamiss pa naman ang classroom niya.

Nakahabol ako sa Advanced Pre-Advising para sa mga courses na kukunin ko next semester. Sa tulong ng ilang orgmates sa UP Cineastes ay nakapili ako ng magaganda “raw” na mga subjects at dahil din kay Ate Fortune (Love you!) ay pumayag ang adviser na humabol kami. Angsaya ng buhay.

Nakakamiss din pala ang mga orgmates pag matagal mong hindi sila nakita. Kahit na nung application process eh parang monster sila kung ituring kasi nga nakakatakot, nakakamiss din pala sila. Heheh.

Angweird. I just don’t feel using the English language nowadays. Siguro dahil sa orgasmic poem ko. Heheh. Goodluck sa creative writing course.


Oo nga pala, isang pagpupugay at pagsaludo kay G. Wilfredo O. Pascual, CLSUSHS Alumni at isang natatanging alagad ng literatura sa bansa. Congratulations sa ikalawang Carlos Palanca Memorial Award for Literature mo! Idol ka talaga, Kuya Willi!

Getting sick is okay, I mean I just get sick once in a blue moon, and often, I get sick when all things really went wrong (like I am heartbroken, failed exams, like that). But things just happen unexpectedly, and some of these unexpected things, you really don’t want them to happen.

See, when I came back to UP last Monday morning I just felt something strange is happening inside me. I just felt a little hot, and my eyes started to get tired and then I just realized a minute later…I have a fever. And my exam in NatSci 1 is approximately 18 hours away.

And yeah, I failed to review a single line in my Natsci notebook, all because of that nasty fever. After 18 hours, wala na ang lagnat! Nakakainis! I think I failed my second NatSci Exams…Pero okay lang iyon.


And there’s soemthing weird about No Classes Advisory dito sa Manila. Pag walang pasok dahil sa bagyo, at saka naman hindi umuulan. How strange. 🙂

…the UP Cineastes’ Studio Application Process.

Loveth. 🙂

Everything. From Monday to weekends. Everything !




We just had the Cinemalaya Goes to UP this week. It is a whole week where the entries from the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival was shown. I really have no idea that this event is this big because to my surprise, the event was attended by prominent personalities and artists! Plus, I get to watch the films for free, so, it’s so okay!

So far, my favorite entries are Still Life and Pisay. Yep. Hindi ko pa napanood ang best picture. Haha. And I think Glaiza de Castro deserves the best actress award more than Ina Feleo (Tama ba?) Pero okay lang. They both did a good job. Pero siguro biased lang ako dahil nakamayan ko si Glaiza. Waaah angganda niya!


Because Friday was a holiday for high school and college students, I grabbed the chance to go home to my dear province, Nueva Ecija! And at last, I met some of my beloved high school friends! It was really a happy day! If there are things that made my week the happiest, maybe these simple things are the reasons.

We even planned a malling getaway and we decided to meet at Gateway at one of these days. Haha. We also had some asaran moments and had some university spirit thriving over us. Asaran ba ng university. Parang ganito:

(Conversation with my friend Aletha)

Hyro: Aletha, you know, UST is so cheap because of one particular reason.
Aletha: Ano??? Yabang nito.
Hyro: The reason? Umm. You’re in it. (Tapos binatukan ako)

Haha. Really fun. Pero joke lahat yan ha. Peace to UST guys. Love You All!

Waaah! I really love this week!


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