Getting sick is okay, I mean I just get sick once in a blue moon, and often, I get sick when all things really went wrong (like I am heartbroken, failed exams, like that). But things just happen unexpectedly, and some of these unexpected things, you really don’t want them to happen.

See, when I came back to UP last Monday morning I just felt something strange is happening inside me. I just felt a little hot, and my eyes started to get tired and then I just realized a minute later…I have a fever. And my exam in NatSci 1 is approximately 18 hours away.

And yeah, I failed to review a single line in my Natsci notebook, all because of that nasty fever. After 18 hours, wala na ang lagnat! Nakakainis! I think I failed my second NatSci Exams…Pero okay lang iyon.


And there’s soemthing weird about No Classes Advisory dito sa Manila. Pag walang pasok dahil sa bagyo, at saka naman hindi umuulan. How strange. 🙂