I was sleeping last Wednesday afternoon when my annoying phone (it keeps on falling from my bedside, damn) rang. I fetched my phone from under my bed and pressed its buttons to check the message. Yeah, and it is from the president of the UP Cineastes’ Studio, Peter Dizon.

I thought it was some kind of an errand because the org is somewhat busy this week because we will be celebrating our 23rd anniversary. I really had a hard time reading the message because I am still sleepy and somewhat dizzy because of the heat.  Then I got it. Our adviser wants us to got to Gawad Urian to serve as ushers!

I immediately searched for clothes and when I got the proper ones, I texted Peter to confirm my slot! Yipee!

It was a fun night. And tiring, too. There are actors who are really kind (perhaps Rustom Padilla and Gina Pareño are the kindest of them on that night) and there are actors who are really, ummm, annoying. There is even one actress (whom I really dont know who she is, sorry) that started to act a little bitchy because she doesnt like the seats reserved for the group. I just left her. Haha.

Pictures? Soon!