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Para kay Mommy:Pwede bang huminto na ako sa UP? Dito na lang sa atin ako mag-aaral. 🙂
ry minsan sa akin? Para naman wala ka nang intindihing palamunin.


After computing for my GWA, (which I wish is correctly computed) it turned out that I’m qualified to be in the College Scholar list.


CW 10 ABAD, HEIDI EMILY E. 3.0 2.00
PE 2 BW-T SANTIAGO, MA. RACHELLE D. ( 2.0 ) 2.00
BC 10 SANTOS, JOSEFINA C. 3.0 1.50
Nat Sci 1 MAGPANTAY, JOSE 3.0 2.00

Andaming Dos in fairness. Haha. Tanggap ko na sila dahil wala na akong magagawa. This sem is over!

Sometimes, when you put a little piece of you on your work, a literary piece perhaps, and you got too attached on it like you treated it as your best work ever, you tend to expect things from it, you tend to expect others to like it also, to admire it, to give it the right commendation you think it deserves. I think it’s human nature. We tend to put a little bit of ourselves on something important to us, on something which signifies our own personality, of our own pleasure. But yeah, I think one of the biggest despair in it is that if things don’t fall under your own expectations.

See, I made a short story for my Creative Writing class as my final paper for this semester. Since I had this feeling of trust and confidence towards the idea I’ve formulated, I just gave it a go and finished the whole material. Actually, it took me more or less three concepts to arrive in that particular idea, and it still took me a long while before I made that idea into a full-blown plot. And that plot, of course, took me a long time before I managed to create a very satisfying short story. 

It was titled Daytime With Trixie. I thought it was good enough to please my teacher. My sister said it was a good one, and that I can even send it to the Young Blood section of The Philippine Inquirer. And to me, I was really confident on that piece of work, because I’ve been on almost a week of sleepless nights just to finish it. And it was somehow attached to me. I even had to listen to Beyonce’s songs when I lacked inspiration. If Beyonce’s not enough, the classic ABBA songs like Chiquitita helped me to put myself on the mood. I did everything to finish the material. Because it is somehow important to me.

It is really important to me.

And yeah, I spent much money on that shit. I spent my remaining money, which is more or less 300 pesos just to print those things out. I could have bought myself my long-desired havaianas if not for it. I know my priorities, of course, and if I really would love to have a good grade on that subject, I need to push in my limits.

I know for a fact that that creative writing class is some sort of a gamble. My grade doesn’t just depend on my writing capabilities, my creativity and my charm. It will depend most on what my teacher wants to see, what she really want to read. Yes. Nangangapa ako sa dilim. 

But my efforts didn’t work. I got DOS. A plain DOS for that unusually beautiful short story. And that DOS, mind you, pushed me to the cliff. I am now hanging on the cliff. It’s make or break. If I won’t get a decent grade on my BC10 class, the chances of being in the College Scholar list will be gone. Bye-bye CS.

You may think I was a little bit grade-conscious. Yes, I am, and it’s just recent. I really need to make it to the CS list. Nahihiya ako sa Ate ko. My sister attends to my academic needs. From tuition, baon, lahat lahat na. Nakakahiya na talaga. Though hindi ko man ipinapahalata na naaapektuhan ako, nasa loob ko pa rin yon. It isn’t her duty to take care of my needs, though she still do it with no hesitations. Kaya nga ang pagiging CS na lang ang maisusukli ko sa kanya eh.

And of course, Ms. Mooney did it again. I won’t blame her for my lame grammar, because I indeed have problems on that and my high school education could be blamed for that. I was initially having some problems on writing and of applying what I’ve learned in the course to my short story because frankly speaking, I’ve learned nothing from her. Thanks to the jinx schedule and the very annoying weather conditions plus her two-week Spain Tour-spree. I really can’t blame anyone but her. No, I can’t blame myself either, because I was really trying really hard to think of the things I’ve learned in her class. Sorry, pero kung meron, hindi ko na alam kung nasaan sila ngayon.

Ms. Mooney, I hope you’re reading this (I know you know this blog.). Though it may look that I’m a little bitter on having a DOS on your subject (which others may call a decent grade, mind you) I don’t care. I really would just love to scar your face at this moment. No. just joking. 🙂 I’m not that kind of violent. Haha.

Kidding aside, I really wished one time that I had the ability to control the time and return to that moment that I’m preenlisting for my 1st semester at the university. Sana hindi ko na lang kinuha ang klase mo. Ooops. I remember. I really didn’t preenlist on your subject. I preenlisted my name on Ms Heidi Emily Abad. Hmmm. IT’S UP’S FAULT! WAAAAH. Damned rotation thingy. Arrrgh!

Okay. I’m okay now. (inhale-exhale)

I just found something very interesting at PinoyExchange: My sentiments regarding the 2006 UPCAT posted on August of that year. I still can’t believe it.

My post is unedited so there’s a lot of typos. Hehe.


I took UPCAT last august. i think. Mahirap siya for me especially the science part kasi puro earth sci ang tanong, which, kinukuha pa lang namin ngayong fourth year. Math was difficult, too.

I am from a science high school but belongs to the lowest ten sa section namin. Actually i once belong to the top ten from first year to third year. Tinamad lang talaga ako ng fourth year.

I didn’t take any review classes like my other rich classmates did. (Actually majority ng batch nagreview classes) Mas kinabahan pa talaga ako dahil may advantage sila.

I went as early as 5:30 sa testing area. It was too early so my parents decided to eat at the nearest fastfood chain. I filled my tummy witn food para hindi mahilo. Then, i went to the testing area.

Matagal ang orientation kasi pinapila pa talaga kami.

Kinabahan talaga ako sa magiging resulta ng UPCAT kasi biruin nyo, natapunan ko ng juice ang answer sheet ko! Allowed kasi na kumain while taking the exam. as in takot na takot ako non. pinatanong ko pa sa proctor kung ok lang. kinuha pa nga niya yung answer sheet ko at dinala sa kinauukulan pero sabi niya ok lang yon. Takot ako na baka makaapekto rin sa pagbasa ng reader ang pagkabasa ng aswer sheet ko.

I didn’t leave any blank. Sinagutan ko lahat. Yun pa ang isa kong kinakakabahan. Right minus wrong ang UPCAT. Basta kasi ang alam ko, pag hindi ako sure ang sagot, either B or C lang ang sagot, dahil ayon daw sa statistics, B and C ang most probable answer. Hindi ko nga natapos ang math ko so pasikreto kong binalikan (bad!) at nilagyan ko ng b or c ang mga tirang questions.

Natapos ang UPCAT at diretso kami ng mall to watch Sukob.

Everyday nagpepray ako na sana pumasa ako sa UP kasi it would be a lot easier to study there because of cheaper tuition fees as compared to ateneo.

Mas kinabahan ako nang dumating na ang results from other universities na pinag-examan ko. (Ateneo de Manila and Saint Louis University, both passed) Honestly, mas mahirap ang Ateneo College Entrance Test kaysa UPCAT.

It went to school one monday at nadatnan ko na nagsisigawan na mga kaklase ko sa room kasi may UPCAT results na raw. Butterflies are already on my tummy! We rushed at our computer laboratory to check. Kaso angbagal magload ng UPCAT site that time (dahil nga siguro maraming tumitingin ng results via internet). I decided to go home and check at my own.

When i typed my name on the search area sa website ng UPCAT, it still took thirty minutes for the results to appear, so i was able to eat my lunch and surf the net to check my friendster account, and obviously, Pinoy Exchange. I opened as many tabs on my mozilla as possible para maiwasan kong matingnan ang UPCAT site.

It is when i decided to stop my firefox session na saka ko binuksan ang tab ng UPCAT. nakapikit talaga ako non. As if alam ko na hindi ako papasa. Biruin mo, 70,000 ang nagtake ng exam. Nakita ko na ang list. Walang kahirap-hirap.

pangalawa sa list ang pangalan ko! Nagtatalon na talaga ako non. Nagsisigaw, tinatawag ko sila mommy at sinabi kong punasa ako. Nang tingnan ko kung anong campus, WOW. UP DILIMAN. My first choice campus. And i passed my second choice course, which i really really love. BA Film and Audio COmmunications. Broad comm ang first choice ko, by error kasi akala ko nung nagfill-up ako ng form, i thought walang film course. Buti na lang! (quota course pa ata ang broad comm)

Lessons learned:

-Be early sa testing area.
-Kumain ng marami, pero hindi sobra. Baka ma-jebs ka ng wala sa oras!
-Expect the unexpected! Kung babae ka, bring your napkins. Sa guys like me, be sure you smell good. Haha.
-Pray a lot.

tapunan ng juice ang answer sheet. joke.

UPCAT is all about stock knowledge. Yung mga napag-aralan nyo the whole HS life lalabas. Napag-aralan sa school lahat ng lalabas sa UPCAT. (I think, accdg. to experience) Yung mga iba na hindi mo masagutan, panigurado, nakalimutan mo lang pero naencounter mo na at least once. in your HS life.

At saka wag mag-alala na porke nasa lower rank ka sa school mo eh hindi ka na papasa. May mga higher rank sa amin na hindi pumasa sa UP. Sa amin nga, ako lang sa lower rank ang pumasa sa UP Diliman.

At kung gusto mo talagang magaral ng UP, fill your first campus with the courses you really love, most preferably your first choice as a quota course and the second one a non-quota course. At sa second campus, sa campus na mas mababa ang cutoff kaysa sa first choice campus mo ( I chose UP Los Banos) at mga courses na sa palagay mo eh hindi pipiliin ng karamihan, gusto mo man ang course o hindi. (Agriculture at forestry or dev comm ang pinili ko ata. hindi ko sure yung last two.) That way pwede ka na lang magpalipat-lipat. Tip yan ng mga seniors namin noon!

Sana nakatulong ang experience ko!


Hahaha. So fun. Reminiscing.

I’ve never felt so happy. After a sleepless yet fun semester, I’m back at home. It was a refreshing feeling, just laying on my bed (no, it’s my sister’s actually, my room was leased for bed spacers, dung) and sleeping. But I can’t really imagine it. I’ve finished the whole sem I was worrying about six months ago. I can’t believe I survived.

If there is anything that really warmed me up, it was when I met my high school friends for the first time since months ago. Last monday, we decided to meet in the same place we’ve first met. Yep. High School.

Waaaah. Can’t do this. I’m too happy to post about it.


By the way, I’m addicted to MariMar this past few days. I never thought it could get this better. Oooops, don’t laugh at me. It’s really good, trust me. 🙂

After my 135-point score at my weekly tenpin bowling game, I immediately went to College of Mass Communication for some tambay hours with orgmates. I was hoping that one of them brought a laptops o I can access the internet for my regular CRS checking. Yey, Monique brought hers, so I was able to surf the net!

But before I was able to borrow Monique’s laptop, she asked me if I am to go home to Nueva Ecija on the weekends.  I said no, because I will be staying in the city for another week to complete my requirements.

“Pwede ka bang mag-artista sa prod namin ni Jumar?”

Wow. First acting assignment and definitely worth the experience. I was partially hesitant to accept the offer that time, thinking that my acting prowess wasn’t good enought, but still, I gave it a go. Haha. Everyone in MassComm are actors! Haha.

Wish me luck! I think the title of the short film is My Catatonic Girl, if I am not mistaken. So I am busy memorizing my lines now! Yipee!

Voila! The UP Computerized Registration System rocks/stinks. Weird. Maybe UP students should be really grateful on having this kind of technology in enlisting subjects for the next semester. But no, it still sucks. Haha. The UP server still cannot handle much traffic. The computer registration can take for as much as three hours if on a rush hour. I just got lucky that I just took more or less 2 hours to enlist. To enlist. To penetrate the system took a longer time. And I spent more or less a hundred bucks for it, because I still don’t have my own internet connection. It sucks. Big time.

But still, it is something UP students can be proud of. The other schools around still don’t have this kind of, ummm, artsyness. Haha.


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