After my 135-point score at my weekly tenpin bowling game, I immediately went to College of Mass Communication for some tambay hours with orgmates. I was hoping that one of them brought a laptops o I can access the internet for my regular CRS checking. Yey, Monique brought hers, so I was able to surf the net!

But before I was able to borrow Monique’s laptop, she asked me if I am to go home to Nueva Ecija on the weekends.  I said no, because I will be staying in the city for another week to complete my requirements.

“Pwede ka bang mag-artista sa prod namin ni Jumar?”

Wow. First acting assignment and definitely worth the experience. I was partially hesitant to accept the offer that time, thinking that my acting prowess wasn’t good enought, but still, I gave it a go. Haha. Everyone in MassComm are actors! Haha.

Wish me luck! I think the title of the short film is My Catatonic Girl, if I am not mistaken. So I am busy memorizing my lines now! Yipee!