I’ve never felt so happy. After a sleepless yet fun semester, I’m back at home. It was a refreshing feeling, just laying on my bed (no, it’s my sister’s actually, my room was leased for bed spacers, dung) and sleeping. But I can’t really imagine it. I’ve finished the whole sem I was worrying about six months ago. I can’t believe I survived.

If there is anything that really warmed me up, it was when I met my high school friends for the first time since months ago. Last monday, we decided to meet in the same place we’ve first met. Yep. High School.

Waaaah. Can’t do this. I’m too happy to post about it.


By the way, I’m addicted to MariMar this past few days. I never thought it could get this better. Oooops, don’t laugh at me. It’s really good, trust me. 🙂