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Haaay. Good to be back. And this is the LONGEST BLOG TITLE of mine, EVER.

Guys, I know the long phrase is nonsense, but hey, I just want a boom for my new post!

Of what happened recently with my life, okay. The rest of November was fun and enjoyable, and since November is MY MONTH (And I know some people out there doesn’t know my exact natal day), I had some of the most unforgettable moments of my life.

I spent my birthday with the Cineastes and watched two films, Evil Dead 2 and Shortbus.

Shortbus was most likely a big surprise for me. The easiest way to describe the movie: it is the most sexually-explicit movie outside the pornography industry. But, hell no, it isn’t an erotic movie made just for sexual arousal. Actually, the explicit scenes doesn’t arouse people, it disturbs people. The content of the movie was on the story itself, on the dilemma of the characters, and how they each faced the challenges they encounter.

It was the first time I drank vodka. Absolut Vodka. I thought i wasn’t drunk. But hell, my self confidence level went up!

November also is the month when I experienced one of the most haggard experiences in my dorm life, the ever-so-tiring General Inspection (actually part 2 na ito). The tiring thing about it is because I needed to rush things out to accomplish everything. Weehee. At least it is already done and somehow I was satisfied with the results.

November also saw the coming of my very first manual SLR camera! Thanks to my Film 110 class! It is a Nikon F75 2003 model, and it rocks! I just had my first few shots and see, I can’t wait to see them printed!

Weehee. That’s all for the moment. With me having a decent internet connection at the dorm, I’m sure I could update my blog more often!

PS. Buti na lang at nakaabot ako for my November post. Thanks! Woohoo!



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