“Oy, Feb 14 na, may date ka na ba?”


I don’t know where the idea of having a date at February 14th came from, and I really don’t have the idea of why having a date is some kind of a requirement in this particular culture, I mean, yeah, Feb 14 is Valentines Day, but it doesn’t mean single people cannot celebrate it. It’s just plainly “day of the hearts” if we would base it on basic pop culture.

It’s just that, maybe people not engaged in any personal relationships would not really appreciate the notion of people asking if they had or will have dates on Valentines. I feel it too insensitive. Hahaha. Bitter ba ang dating?

Then the question on gender and sexuality will again enter to this kind of issue since this society tend to assume that single people have the more tendency to become associated to homosexuality. Yeah, I know I am sort of generalizing it in a way, but hey, accept the fact na ganito sa lipunan natin, and I really know we cannot do anything about it. Some people, if not most, are just plainly close-minded to understand the fact that single people are not always gays and lesbians. They are just, well, single. That’s all. And they can have fun without girls or boys clinging on their arms like snakes all the time.

Can we just make Valentines Day just Valentines Day, not Couples Day, or something similar? I mean, may karapatan din naman kaming mga single na lumigaya sa araw ng mga puso! Hahaha.

I am not planning on having a date on the 14th though I would really appreciate if I have one to date with! Haha. Is there anyone available? Nah. I’ll just hang out with the barkadahan things. So most likely it’s just me and me on Fourteenth. Go!

*photo grabbed from http://thestrip.tomorrowpictures.tv/uploaded_images/cupid-712060.jpg (it’s not mine, just googled it! thanks! :))