Yeah. I know my post is a little late, almost took me the whole week to push myself to make this thing. Haha. Okay, at least it’s February and it’s the leap day. Haha. Whatever.

We left UP February 22 at 10 pm with an uber-crowded bus, which, really freaked me out because we are exceeding the passenger capacity of the vehicle. Imagine, others were tasked to sit on the bus’ stairs just to fit us all! And the back seats, which are only alloted to only 5 passengers, was obliged to take another butt just to make us believe that the 49-person capacity vehicle could fit 60 persons overall.

We availed some food for every bus stop we had. Haha. I still can’t forget the 45-peso arroz caldo which failed to at least warm my tummy.

Then we ate breakfast at the Hidden Valley Food HAUS. Yes. HAUS. We shouldn’t expect their food to be far better than their spelling. Mayee, in this case, was enjoying her Hidden Valley Breakfast worth 85 pesos. Haha. Let the picture tell its stories.

We then had this 1 hour bumpy jeepney ride. It’s like, riding the usual kiddie ride where you put tokens just to rock you. Haha. I really don’t know why we sort of moaned for each bump we encountered. Haha. Naughty geography students. Mayee, Max and Ced seems too irritated in the picture.
After the jeepney ride, we had to hike down to the terraces. I thought I would enjoy the hike, but no, I’m carrying two huge bags. Hingal kung hingal. Pagod kung pagod.

At last, we arrived at the inn, where the food is GOLD (as in, a simple meal would cost you a hundred bucks) and the air is a lot colder than usual (you see clouds approaching you!).

Of course, we didn’t stay that long at the inn to rest. We had to hike our way up to the terraces again, then down to the magnificent Tappia Falls. Okay, the hike, on the first few minutes was okay, but the rest of it is like a punishment. Huhuhu.

It’s so hard to climb up and down through tricky stairs and to balance your way to very challenging terrace edges. It freaked me out totally. I have this huge fear of heights, see, and I think I somehow managed to conquer it a bit.

The falls is magnificent, and the water is ice-cold. Hypothermia-inducing.

I almost gave up on the fact that we had to go again almost the same route back. My knees were just too tired that time. I’m experiencing cramps as I climb steep stairs. It;s an agonizing experience.

Oh yeah, just so you know, I fell off from a smaller terrace wall, resulting to a swelling sprained ankle. Lampa kung lampa. I really don’t care. Hahaha.

We arrived at the inn safe and sound, thank God, and just thinking how far I’ve been through, it makes me feel proud that I survived Batad Rice Terraces. Haha. I know experiencing it is a big deal, but the best thing I could think off about the experience is that I’ve made it through with some of my best buddies in this world. Awwww.

PS. I was really annoyed to find unacceptable errors in this post. Forgive me. And sorry for the formatting. It’s not really WYSWYG when you edit it here in wordpress.

PPS. OMG. I just made Banaue hell. Guys, Banaue is magnificent and perfect, just so you know. Haha.