After some weeks of hiatus, I am now back for some blogging action!

But, woooaaah. I was really surprised of wordpress’ new interface. Many changes! Hahaha.

Yes, I’ve been away from wordpress, actually avoiding to blog things because I was too emotional in the past week. See, I’ve left Kalayaan Residence Hall so I have no where to live at now. Hahaha. Plus it’s so sad that I wont be going back to Kalai to stay and all, I’ll miss my floor mates and of course my ever-beautiful room.

Waaah. I had enough of those drama things.

I will be busy for the coming days because first, I’ll be having my summer classes, every weekdays from 1-5pm, and second, because I’m now a part of the executive board of my org, we’ll go with joining the Freshmen Orientation Program Committee. Hope we get the film block like how the org got our block last time. Hahaha. Go Cineaste!

And as of now, some of my professors are still not uploading my grades at the CRS. Need to see them, please! Hahaha. Wala pa kasi akong nakikitang grade na may amoy man lang ng uno. Yung dalawang grades na naka-post, dos at two-five. Hindi naman katakataka, yung dalawang yun ang pinakaayaw kong subject ngayong second sem. Na-blog ko na dito yung isang subject. Hahaha. Kinakabahan ako sa CW 10 at sa Film 100 ko. Waaaah.

Sa ngayon, I’m trying to enjoy the rest of the vacation days here at the province. Hope to return to Quezon City by Wednesday.

And of course, how would I forget, CONGRATULATIONS to JANN MIKHAIL “MISHA” LECAROS for being the Assistant Editor of the new PLAYBOY PHILIPPINES magazine! Buddy, I’m really really proud of you!