I really, really loved my Sony Ericsson K770i. Cybershot phone. 3.2 megapixels. Music player. 3G-capable. What more can I ask for? Well of course i didn’t completely realize its worth until it suddenly disappeared in my pocket last Wednesday night.

I was at Philcoa doing some things for my report for the following day (which didn’t actually happen) and as I went back to my humble home, i realized that my pocket is flat and empty. My phone and my 300 pesos are gone. Forever. And I cried a lot. Like i thought I’m going to be crazy.

Well the next day Ate Ay and Kuya Chritz came to my house and delivered my brand-new editing machine. My new baby. Of course i’m so overwhelmed and it felt really good that there’s somehow a replacement for my lost baby. And theb we went to Gateway to watch a movie, rode a taxi home then BOOM.

My wallet’s gone. In it is my ID, my newly-activated express cash card, flash disk and 2 grands that’s supposedly my money for the next 2 weeks.

Talk about jinx, huh?


Okay so I went to Trinoma last night and met some high school friends and because it’s Pauline Valencia’s Despedida party. Wearing my baggy shirt and my jogging pants (coz i came from the UP-NU basketball match that day earlier), I arrived at the Starbucks in the garden area to find out that everyone is well-dressed and, ummm fragrant. So okay, I realized that they were so prepared for this night-out. I was starting to enjoy the night when suddenly, a friend said:

“Hyro, pag nakikita kita naaalala ko ang Happy Feet.”

So okay, mukha akong penguin at tumataba na ako. What should I do now, starve myself to sexiness? Leche.