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Sorry about the title. I just cant get over Dreamgirls’ Stepping To The Bad Side. Yeah it’s Dreamgirls, I know, but a musical (involving girls dancing and singing) doesnt stop me from appreciating the song. Hahaha.

Well to update about my life, I’m taking everything easier this time since my org’s application process is over, thank God. I now have time for myself and i have time to contemplate on important things like my acads and stuff. Well I’m not saying that my responsibilities as the recruitment head is a burden for me, actually it was more of a chance for me to prove my worth and capabilities. And I love it very much. But of course i cannot deny the fact that I had to lose some time for myself to give way to this important matter. And since it is already finished, I am more thankful.

I have to make up on things I’ve missed. Let us start this!


Okay, I have 3 papers due tomorrow, 2 of them overdue. I already finished two of them. Then suddenly, my ever-beautiful editing-cum-entertainment machine crashes because of an annoying virus designed to shut the computer down automatically.

Tears wont help. I just wish I would be able to finish these papers on time. Or else, good bye.

And I just realized, I have a 9-minute production to edit. Bye world. Hahaha.

Sorry guys pero mukhang natuluyan na talaga itong hiatus ko bilang andami ko talagang ginagawa as in ANDAMI. Hindi ko inexpect na ganitong magiging ka-busy ang sophomore life ko kahit na mind you ay 3 days a week lang akong pumapasok. Mas wala pa akong time ngayon kaysa noong freshie days na 5 days a week ang pasok ko. Damn it. Napakaengaging ko kasi as a person. More acads, more org, more fun. At shempre shoot shoot shoot ng mga productions dahil okay, may production class na ako! Kailangang may konsepto ka lagi para mabilis ang lahat.

Hindi siguro naiintindihan ng magulang ko kung bakit hindi ako pala-uwi ng probinsya o nagdududa ang ate ko dahil laging busy ang sagot ko sa kanya pag tinatanong niya ako ng kamusta. Eh sa iyon ang totoo, okay? Waaaaah kung alam niyo lang lahat ang mga paghihirap at pagpapakasakit ko. Drama.

Di bale after August 23 baka sakaling ayos na ang lahat at magkakaroon na ako ng oras para sa lahat. Well, sana lang ano. Hilingin natin yan sa Diyos.

Namimiss ko nang magblog at magkwento. Namimiss ko na ang traffic sa website ko! Waaaaah.



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