Sorry about the title. I just cant get over Dreamgirls’ Stepping To The Bad Side. Yeah it’s Dreamgirls, I know, but a musical (involving girls dancing and singing) doesnt stop me from appreciating the song. Hahaha.

Well to update about my life, I’m taking everything easier this time since my org’s application process is over, thank God. I now have time for myself and i have time to contemplate on important things like my acads and stuff. Well I’m not saying that my responsibilities as the recruitment head is a burden for me, actually it was more of a chance for me to prove my worth and capabilities. And I love it very much. But of course i cannot deny the fact that I had to lose some time for myself to give way to this important matter. And since it is already finished, I am more thankful.

I have to make up on things I’ve missed. Let us start this!