If there’s anything that’s bothering me now, I guess it’s the fact that for about 3 days in the future, I’ll be making my own 5-minute short film for the first time. And when I say my own, I’ll be conceptualizing, writing and directing it ALONE. The first two short films I’ve made, Pass and Happy Holiday, are collaborations with my two lovely college best friends, Max and Mayee, thus forming the short-lived (is it? o dadalhin pa rin natin to sa ibang class? hahaha) ABC Entertainment Productions. (By the way, ABC is from the first letters of our last name, Aguinaldo, Baquiran, Casaclang.) Making those films seem a lot easier and funner since everyone’s just putting their own spice to a material to improve it and if everything failed, we have to at least share the blaim. Kapamilya. Haha.

But now, it’s different. I have to make the concept, improve it to make it into a full-blown story, then write something out of that story to make it a full-blown script. Then I have to plan for the shooting schedules and everything from the equipment to be used to the location etcetera. Then I have to direct it, then after those already tiring days, I still have to edit the film, put sound effects, and so on.

It could be fun if it’s only this thing that I am doing for this semester. But aside from these, I have to do at least 20 pages of paper work and i have to review for the final exams. Okay, that’s a little out of topic, I’m just really desperate to tell how busy and how awful my life is now. Hahaha.

Okay, the main thing that’s bothering me is the fact that there is a possibility (through Murphy’s Law) that I wont be able to pull everything off. I mean, come on, my concept is really ambitious for a first-timer, I’m already doing this non-linear narrative even though my professor advised me to use the simple, linear narrative. Yet what made me decide to go for my original concept is simple: gut feel.

I would love to make my very first film memorable and of course, I want to make my first film with a concept that I really want to make. So if in case my work would be badly received, it will just be okay. At least I have this fact in my mind that I did my work my way because I love it to be like that, than making the film because it’s the thing that others want it to become.

Waaaah. I really wish this film’s an ABC collaboration. I think it’s much funner with my college best buddies. I love Max and Mayee. Haha.

Well, that’s it. I really hope it would turn out great. And yeah, as part of this pre-productiong sickness, I am now experiencing mild insomnia. That’s actually regular to me especially when I’m constantly bothered.