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February is an all-so-stressful month. Haggard ang student council elections campaign (I lost by one vote, mind you) at ang maraming mga bagay na naganap like me being in STAND-UP, educational discussions, and the UP Cineastes’ Studio application process. But it’s all fun!

February saw the coming of, the GOSSIP GIRL PHILIPPINES UP-CMC Chapter. Like, balahuraan kung balahuraan. We have this speculation that it is some kind of a project of the Communication Research students, and the people who comments in the site are the respondents of the study. It’s really immature to do things like that.

To add to that stress is my hairdo, which was planned to be a moptop Beatles style but turned out to look like Rihanna’s pre-physical abuse-incurred-by-Chris-Brown look. And I’m a boy. But it’s okay, I feel avant-garde-ish about the look. And they now call me RiRi.

Last thursday, Jumar, Monique, Jeff, Andre, Choba and I went to Cubao Expo for Jumar’s thesis things. We then went to Gateway to eat at World Chicken then to Shopwise for groceries for Jumar’s Sunday shoot. FUN. After that, we went to Sarah’s for a few bottles of beer and Margarita. I missed them so much since I was physically and virtually invicible for the past few weeks.

I love February!



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