Hahahaha. Long hiatus again.

Anyway I’m back. Not sure if it’s for good, I just missed typing things and telling stories. And this blog’s freakin stagnant for like two months, so I think it deserves a post in a way.

Okay for some stories, the UP Cineastes’ Studio is nearing its 25th anniversary and like we are really busy with some of the grand activities, and a week from now is the Cinamalaya Goes to UP which, for the record, is being organized by the org for the past 5 years. It’s really one freakin hell ride because I know the executive board is like killing themselves just to pull this thing off. Well, our heads will be stacked in the chopping board next week, so we are like doing our novenas and incantations for the gods to help us next week.

The Cineastes applicants are so cool! I enjoy every minute with them, I just hope they are enjoying their application process too! Of course, I have my favorites, but I wont be squealing it here, just for fairness’ sake. I think so far they are enthusiastic. I hope they maintain that positive aura.

Anyway, my friend Fred and I ate dinner at Chowking Philcoa just this night. Wala lang, we just seeked for comfort so, Lauriat is the key! Hahaha. The wholesome and peaceful dinner became a night of secrets and gossips for we talked about every scandals and every interesting things we could talk about! Like it’s an ultimate bonding experience for us both, since it’s the first time we talked about these things over dinner. I enjoyed it very much since we were not given a chance to bond when he was still an applicant of the org.

Anyway, everyone’s busy in preparation of the people’s protest for GMA’s SONA this coming Monday. As for my part, I made some statement pins for the people to wear. This week might be the busiest week for me since we’ll be doing some room to room and focus class discussions regarding this SONA and why the students must raise their concerns in the streets and forward their disgust to the system and for GMA’s haunting CHACHA. Marami pang issues like term extension, that 100% ownership of local lands by foreigners, forced disappearances, marami. So if you think this SONA should be GMA’s last and you’re against the selling of our lands to foreign entities, you’re against harrassment and extrajudicial killings, or you’re just plainly annoyed by GMA’s face, join the July 27 rally. Collective action will take us to victory.

So much for that. Have to do some academic stuff. 🙂