Okay, I’ll try to blog about this one. πŸ™‚

For the past two weeks I’ve been into three thesis productions of my orgmates and it has been a great expereince helping these people in a way. See, being in a thesis shoot gives me experience, like I’m learning as I’m enjoying. Being in a production shoot is like a glimpse of what the industry is all about: creativity outpouring, intense money expenditure, and sleepless nights. Hahaha. Plus I’m getting the ins and outs of filmmaking, and it’s a way of getting ahead with some of my batchmates which, sadly, does not have the opportunity joining these kinds of experience. Hahaha. And I think these exposures would qualify for a slot in my resume.

I would try to narrate some of my experiences soon. It’s just that right now, my mind is into hating Kanye West. Hehe.

I’ll be updating this blog with some behind-the-scenes photographs soon (so that I could give this blog a little life). Hahaha.