Jessehyro Tito Pili Aguinaldo, called Hyro by friends (only elementary school friends call him Jesse and some crazy aquaintances call him Tito, which is his father’s name by the way), is a college junior at the University of the Philippines-Diliman taking BA Film and Audio-Visual Communication. He currently resides in Libertad, Mandaluyong where, thank God, he now has an official and exact address after living for a while somewhere in UP BLISS Brgy. San Vicente, Diliman, Quezon City. He is interested to reading, surfing the net, blogging, and participating in online forums. If he has time, he enjoys drawing and chatting with his friends.

Hyro is a proud member and the former Executive Vice President of the UP Cineastes’ Studio, the first student film organization in the country, for SY 2008-2009.

He finished his elementary education with high honors at DepEd-CLSU Elementary School. He had plans to go to Philippine Science High School when he was in grade school, but due to stupidity/technicality, he wasn’t able to take the entrance exam, so he ended up going to another state university school, the Central Luzon State University Science High School.

He didn’t excel much in his high school years, but he had accomplishments to be proud of, one of which is that he was a 3rd placer at a national history quiz bee.

A self-confessed Philippine history and pop culture geek, he was able to use his specialized intellect in small-time quiz bees and pop culture quizzes, which, of course, was a key for extra money. He now specializes in history of Philippine Cinema and current Pinoy Showbiz Culture.

He is also a certified sloth, being able to sleep up to 18 hours non-stop. Because of his unusual sleeping patterns, his bodily functions could not function well if sleep-deprived. Sleep deprivation, for him is considered when he wasn’t able to accomplish the required 8 hours healthy sleep regimen.

From an introvert child back in his grade school, he managed to grow out of that image when he gained self confidence in high school. From the crybaby image he had almost ten years ago, he had grown into a strong and confident individual, ready to defend himself in the midst of discrimination.

He finds the fifth paragraph overacting and too dramatic.

He is actually into blogging since 2003 but never had an official and permanent blog until February 2007, when he decided to use his wordpress account to build a blog. This time, he is decided to keep this blog to keep his friends updated.

Though born sickly, he still enjoys sports, though he was never good at any of those. He knows how to play basketball, badminton, and volleyball and had formal trainings in ten pin bowling.

Below are his contact details:

Jessehyro Tito P. Aguinaldo

Unit 4B, Anaheim Tower 4,

California Garden Square,

Libertad, Mandaluyong


or this cellphone number: