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Oo, a year ago na yung huli kong blog post dito, at hindi man lang ako nagpaalam kung babalik pa ako o hindi na.

Ayokong idepensa ang sarili ko sa pagkawala ko, aaminin ko na, I lost interest in blogging. Pero dahil namiss ko lang siya bigla, sige na, pagbibigyan ko na ang sarili ko.

Maraming nangyari after a year. Executive Vice President na naman ako. I lost a friend. Natapos ko ang script ng thesis ko. AT magtithesis na ako.

Mas naging close kami nila Max, Mayee, Jen, Bianx, Jan, Mico at Mike this sem. Bonded ang batch namin, sila Jono, sila Arch, sila Aiess. Kung sino sino pa. Bonded din ang Executive board. At masaya ako dahil dun. Hindi pa rin naman nawawala ang closeness ko with Jumar, Munik, Choba and other ABS peeps. Nandun pa rin naman kasi sila. Hahaha.

Ang lovelife? Kung dati ay may love, may life, pero walang lovelife, ngayon, walang love, may life, at walang lovelife. Masaya naman ako sa estado ng buhay ko kahit wala akong lovelife. I mean, hindi ko naman siya immediate need. Minsan, may pasulpot sulpot ng pagkaemo. Pero ang importante, okay ako ngayon.

Well, I really though Adrian’s death would cause me really big, and yes, it did for the first few months after it. I lost weight (for those months), got depressed most of the time, but after that, I realized, my other friends are there just beside me. We helped each other overcome the grief little by little. And yun, mas navalue ko ang mga friends ko.

Friendship blog nga ba ito? Inisip ko tuloy. Pero siguro yun yung major point kasi ng taon na hindi ako nagbablog. Nag-enjoy ako sa life kaya hindi ko kinailangan pang isulat dito. Dahil sa sobrang daming noteworthy moments, hindi ko na sinulat. And maganda naman siguro yun, diba? Diba? ūüôā


It has been almost two months since I had my last post on this blog and approximately three years since my first post. I was thinking of abandoning this blog (and abandoning blogging as an activity) since interests on serious blogging declined tremendously since the events of last semester, and updating the whole world of my life in detail seemed very nonsensical. Yet after two months of convincing myself not to return blogging, here I am, typing a few words to signify my decision to return.

Blogging was my only source of personal security when I needed it the most, and it is one thing I was definitely proud of since I was the only one in my high school batch who has this kind of thing. I was some kind of frustrated by the fact that my writing skills was not recognized then and  so I resorted to using wordpress as a medium for a sweet little revenge; if my school paper adviser hated my work, then I was sure there could be many people out there (even in the cyberspace) who would definitely love my way of writing, and I would prove her wrong.

And never did I expected that the blog I intended for a silent revenge became my virtual hideout of my emotions, and the then increasing number of its viewers proved that my works are getting noticed, bit by bit. I was enjoying the little popularity I had then, yet as I enter college, I found life more than blogging, I found my life much more exciting than the excitement my website hits were giving me. The excitement of my college life almost overshadowed my desire in blogging, and it seemed that blogging was becoming lesser of a use for me since I had friends whom I can relate to my problems. Friends can respond and recommend solutions to my problems, unlike blogging.

Yet I decided to return. I believe blogging will be a key for me to realign my life, yet I am not sure how it will work. I just know that¬†the time I blogged was the time when I¬†know what I was doing in my life. ¬†There are lots of thing that happened this past year that definitely didn’t make me better as a person, even some of them destroyed me in a way or two. There are lots of things to mend, and grave decisions about certain things about myself made me think of living up a new life, for me to at least¬†try to bury the past that haunted me for a long time. There are lots of things that needs burying, and I must persevere to cleanse them out of my system.

Reconstructing myself is a big decision I’ve made recently, patterning my life to the days were I believe I was emotionally and mentally stable. It is a difficult thing to do, it was like I have to start my life on scratch, yet I am ready to face the difficulties. I want to realign my priorities.

Moving on is a difficult task considering that forgetting elements of the past to live a new life seems an impossible task to do. I know that these individuals are a big part of the magnitude of what I had become, either in a positive or in a negative way, and for that I am forever grateful. And there is no point of forgetting these people, I will never succeed in doing so anyway. But I have to try to forget them, maybe not in the most literal sense.

My last blog before this one was made when I was seventeen, and I returned¬†to blogging with me¬†being legally adult. I think it just makes sense, returning to something when you believe you’re ready for it. And yeah, I know it’s a little weird for me to elevate blogging as an activity of maturity and responsibility. But that’s how it goes for me.


Ang-pierce mo!

Kung maririnig mo ang mga katagang ito, ikaw ay either a.) trying hard na pasosyal b.) huma-high fashion ng hindi kailangan c.) sinusubukang magpronounce ng mga french terms to no avail d.) sumusubok mapabilang sa alta sociadad kahit hindi naman kaya. And so on.

Iba ang “pierce” sa “fierce”. Ang mga taong “fierce” kasi, nakakaangat naman sa buhay at edukado, pero pag nakikita mo, nakakainit ng ulo. Sila yung mga taong cliche sa mundo ng mayayaman at elite. Sumusubok sila na mag-ala Paris Hilton at dala-dala ang mga pet nila bilang accessories, umi-english tuwi-tuwina, dala-dala palagi ang mga DSLR camera nila kahit hindi naman alam gamitin, nagka-camwhore ng walang kamatayan at sa mga litrato nila ay mapapansin mong kita ang siko nila o braso dahil nga sila rin lang naman ang retratista ng sarili nila. Mahilig din silang mag-suot ng high-end na mga damit kahit na papasok lang naman ng school o opisina. Minsan nga ay mapagkakamalan mo pa silang aattend ng party kahit na magrereport lang sila sa school. Kung makikita mo ang isang rich na babaeng nakasuot ng headband na may malaking ribbon (mukhang regalo o Minnie Mouse) ala-Gossip Girl, malamang isa siyang “fierce”.

Masasabi mo ring “fierce” ang ilang brand ng damit, ang pinaka-swak dito ay ang mga produkto ng Penshoppe, kahit naman alam nating hindi pang-fierce na mga tao ang target market nila. Palagay ko, gusto nilang maiparating na ang bawat tao sa mundo ay may karapatang maging “fierce”. Sa totoo lang ay epitome ng pagiging “fierce” ang mga billboards ng Penshoppe with Victor Basa, Heart Evangelista, etc dahil sa mga uber-colorful na damit at shempre, ang no. 1 “fierce” item ngayon, ang lomo toy cam.

Isa pang term sa mga “fierce” ngayon ay “lomo”. So pag sinabi nilang “Lumo-lomo si Ate/Kuya”, malamang alam mo nang fierce sila.

Balik tayo sa “pierce”. Ang mga “pierce” ay kamag-anak ng mga “fierce” dahil hindi mo naman sila mapag-hihiwalay talaga kung titingnan mo lang sila. Parehas sila halos ng damit, fashion statement. Kaso, ang mga pierce ang matatawag mong “mga high-end sa mundo ng kahirapan”. Hindi sila necessarily mayaman, hindi rin necessary na mahirap, pero hindi sila inglisero, hindi rin sila “fierce”. Mapapansin mo rin na ang ilang mga pierce ay kabilang sa mga nouveau riche ng Pilipinas, yung mga taong biglang yaman, mga nanalo sa lotto, sa game show, kumita ng malaki sa carinderia o sa sari-sari store.

Mahuhuli mo lang naman na “pierce” ang isang tao sa isang pagkakataon, kapag nagsalita na sila.

Usapan ng tatlong PIERCE. (galing ito sa isang usapan cum-sketch ng mga kaibigan ko, ni-rehash ko na lang.)

Pierce 1: (opens magazine) Wow, like, angsosyal naman the clothes of Beyons here.

Pierce 2: (looks) Oo nga, in fairness naman kasi, Luwis Vuwiton ang damit niya. Suot niya yata iyan sa concert niya sa Taguig.

Pierce 3: Hoy, angganda ng shirt mo, san mo nabili yan?

Pierce 1: Sa Lacosteh.

Pierce 3: Ay, akala ko sa Verseys.



Come and join us in celebrating our 24th year anniversary on September 24-26, 2008.
Watch out for the following activities:

  • Sept. 24, Wednesday
    • Opening of Exhibit (CommRes Lobby)
    • Grand Pakain (Skywalk, 12nn)
  • Sept. 25, Thursday
    • Double Dose: Free Film Screening (CMC Auditorium, 1-4pm)

    • The Original Jologs Quiz Show (Media Center, 4-7pm)

  • Sept. 26, Friday
    • Cineastes Sportsfest (CMC Parking Lot, 4pm)

See you there!

Sorry guys pero mukhang natuluyan na talaga itong hiatus ko bilang andami ko talagang ginagawa as in ANDAMI. Hindi ko inexpect na ganitong magiging ka-busy ang sophomore life ko kahit na mind you ay 3 days a week lang akong pumapasok. Mas wala pa akong time ngayon kaysa noong freshie days na 5 days a week ang pasok ko. Damn it. Napakaengaging ko kasi as a person. More acads, more org, more fun. At shempre shoot shoot shoot ng mga productions dahil okay, may production class na ako! Kailangang may konsepto ka lagi para mabilis ang lahat.

Hindi siguro naiintindihan ng magulang ko kung bakit hindi ako pala-uwi ng probinsya o nagdududa ang ate ko dahil laging busy ang sagot ko sa kanya pag tinatanong niya ako ng kamusta. Eh sa iyon ang totoo, okay? Waaaaah kung alam niyo lang lahat ang mga paghihirap at pagpapakasakit ko. Drama.

Di bale after August 23 baka sakaling ayos na ang lahat at magkakaroon na ako ng oras para sa lahat. Well, sana lang ano. Hilingin natin yan sa Diyos.

Namimiss ko nang magblog at magkwento. Namimiss ko na ang traffic sa website ko! Waaaaah.


I really, really loved my Sony Ericsson K770i. Cybershot phone. 3.2 megapixels. Music player. 3G-capable. What more can I ask for? Well of course i didn’t completely realize its worth until it suddenly disappeared in my pocket last Wednesday night.

I was at Philcoa doing some things for my report for the following day (which didn’t actually happen) and as I went back to my humble home, i realized that my pocket is flat and empty. My phone and my 300 pesos are gone. Forever. And I cried a lot. Like i thought I’m going to be crazy.

Well the next day Ate Ay and Kuya Chritz came to my house and delivered my brand-new editing machine. My new baby. Of course i’m so overwhelmed and it felt really good that there’s somehow a replacement for my lost baby. And theb we went to Gateway to watch a movie, rode a taxi home then BOOM.

My wallet’s gone. In it is my ID, my newly-activated express cash card, flash disk and 2 grands that’s supposedly my money for the next 2 weeks.

Talk about jinx, huh?


Okay so I went to Trinoma last night and met some high school friends and because it’s Pauline Valencia’s Despedida party. Wearing my baggy shirt and my jogging pants (coz i came from the UP-NU basketball match that day earlier), I arrived at the Starbucks in the garden area to find out that everyone is well-dressed and, ummm fragrant. So okay, I realized that they were so prepared for this night-out. I was starting to enjoy the night when suddenly, a friend said:

“Hyro, pag nakikita kita naaalala ko ang Happy Feet.”

So okay, mukha akong penguin at tumataba na ako. What should I do now, starve myself to sexiness? Leche.

First, let me show you my wonderful schedule.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
08:30 AM – 11:00 AM Film 106 TRU Film 103 WRU Film 102 HRU
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM Film 106 TRU Film 103 WRU Film 102 HRU PE 2 CHL FEG
11:30 AM – 01:00 PM PE 2 CHL FEG
01:00 PM – 02:30 PM Pan Pil 17 THW1 Film 112 FWX Pan Pil 17 THW1
02:30 PM – 04:00 PM Film 112 FWX
04:00 PM – 07:00 PM Comm 100 WYZ

I think I deserve my schedule because I’ve been to one hell of a journey to get it. The enrollment really sucks, and far worse, I only got one GE subject so I’m now forced to take four film subjects this semester. and mind you, they are all 3-hours-once-a-week classes. Argggh.

And see, my wednesdays are FULL. I really dont have any idea on how I could manage to study harder with three major subjects crammed in just a day. and I have barely an hour for my break.

Tuesday, June 10

It’s the freshie welcome assembly! We had much much fun. I saw the enthusiasm in the face of those film freshies! Parang ako lang din noon. And I know there’s a lot of things alloted for them. As for my classes, I just had Sir Tilman and he dismissed a little too early.

Wednesday, June 11

I only had Film 103 and again, with Sir Tilman. I noticed he wore the same shirt as yesterday. Hahaha. And yeah, my first Comm 100 will be on July 2. So, one month free!

Thursday, June 12

Yey! Independence day! Okay, Sir Palomares is okay, I think. Hope I learn a lot from him, though. ūüôā And I again met Ma’am Salanga for PanPil 17 along with my other classmates in MPs 10! Yey. And the UP Cineastes’ Studio had our very first General Assembly this sem. It’s supposed to be held on the thirteenth, but because of superstitious beliefs, yeah. Hahaha.

Friday, June 13

Friday the Thirteenth! I think friday the thirteenth’s bad luch thing doesn’t work for me because i just had 1 class for the day and soon, i’ll be having 4 days in a week off because I only have like 3 remaining meetings with my PE! Hahahaha.

Ummm yeah I have to admit that this day gave me a little nega-feeling. I didn’t feel that well and became a little irritable. But I was to able to go home safe and sound, so i think that’s lucky. ūüôā


The Pump UP @ 100 party at Opus Bar, Metrowalk was a BAM! There are lots of guests and umm, guest performers! Saan ka pa makakakita ng 140 worth ng free-flowing drinks and superb performances? I really enjoyed the night. Well except that I really like to tear off my clothes that night because they looked too baggy for my saggy and porky body. Hahahaha. I really had nothing good to wear! Well what matters most is nag-enjoy naman ako for the most of the time. Hey, the UP Cineastes’ Studio won as the org with the most number of attendees! WOW! Sabi ko na kasi competetive talaga kami. Kaya naman kami ang the best. Naman! Hahaha. Andaming Cineaste na nandun kaya nagmukha na naman siyang Cineaste event.

Actually I missed most of the Cineastes and the party and drinking sessions reminded me of the December 17, 2007 Cineaste Night-out na masasabing isang milestone sa buhay ko bilang freshie ako noon and all. Hahaha. At ngayong sophomore na ako ay napakasarap gawin at ulit-ulitin ang mga ganoong moments. Yung tapos na lahat ng work and the things you only need to worry is how you would make yourself as sober as possible. Haaaaay. The party was a good way to end the tiring FOPC bid. Worth-it!

Another thing that made my Opus Bar experience worthwhile was the presence of some of the film freshmen! Nakakatuwa lang na hindi pa man sila nagsisimula ay nandyan na sila, nakikigulo na. Ang-sweet.
Sana mas marami pang chances na maka-bond namin sila and palagay ko, making them enjoy their first year in college could be one of the sweetest accomplishments I could obtain. ūüėČ

*Photos courtesy of Eugene Sangalang and Jefferson Cabral

Ang nakakainis na parte sa pasukan na ito ay yung 9 units lang ang na-enlist ko at eto pa, bigla bigla na lang nag-iba ang prof ko sa Film 102 from the most competent and wise to the not so competent and not so wise. Hahaha. Frustration ko siya ngayon. Sa totoo lang wala naman akong pakialam kung sino mang prof sa mga subjects ko dahil naman sa mas importante sa akin talaga ang schedule. Pero huwag naman sa mga majors. At lalo namang huwag yung prof na yon. Hahahah.

Gusto ko naman in the most possible way na magkaroon ng good film education. Yun lang naman ang gusto ko sa buhay. Kaso kung sa mga not so competent at not so wise teachers ka mapupunta eh para saan na lang yon.

By the way, ang-awkward lang ng title ko. Parang guessing game. ūüôā

Parang one month ago lang nang nagsimba ako sa Holy Family Parish Church sa Roxas District, Quezon City para ipagdasal ang kapalaran ng bid ng org namin for FOPC. Dinasal ko talaga na sana huwag maging failure ang pagtatangka namin dahil sabi ko nga, baka magkanervous breakdown ako pag hindi namin nakuha ang film block.

Andami kasing isinakripisyo ng mga members ng UP Cineastes’ Studio para lang sa bid para sa K4 block. Pera, panahon, acad things.

Sa tuwing naiisip ko ang ilang mga bagay ang ginawa ko para sa FOPC na ito, napapangiti na lang ako. Naaalala ko:

  • Kung paano ako nagdecide na kumuha ng CWTS kahit pwede namang hindi dahil ito lang naman ang pwede kong idahilan para makaluwas ako ng Maynila noong summer.
  • Kung paano ako umabsent ng mapailang beses sa CWTS ko para pumunta sa mga meetings ng FOPC at wala akong pakialam kung ma-drop ko ang subject na yon.
  • Kung paano dapat na matahimik kong apakan at pipiin ang mga PET bottles at mga aluminum cans dahil ayaw kong makaistorbo ang mga kabahay ko sa Kalay. At diretsong apat na oras kong ginagawa iyon sa isang araw.
  • Kung paano ko pilit pinagkasya ang mga ito sa maliit kong kwarto at tiisin ang mala-alak nang amoy ng ilang boteng hindi tuluyang natanggalan ng laman.
  • Kung paano ko tiniis ang hiya sa katawan matapos akong iwan ng roommate ko dahil hindi na siya makatiis sa amoy at sa kalat ng kwarto namin.
  • Kung paano ako nakaapak ng staple wire galing sa mga papel at dumugo ng bongga ang paa ko. Takot ko pang ma-tetano.
  • Kung paano ko pinigil na hindi maiyak sa pagpapagalit at pagbibintang sa akin ng nakatataas sa Kalay na ginagamit ko daw ang pasilidad ng dorm para kumita ng pera. Ibinebenta ko daw ang mga PET bottles na dinadala ko sa kwarto ko.
  • Kung paano ko iniyakan ang mga moments na nalalaman kong lamang ang kalaban at hindi ko alam kung saan kukuha ng lakas at resources.
  • Kung panno ako bumuhat ng gerlat sa balikat ko for 3 minutes nonstop para manalo sa isang game sa Sportsfest.
  • Kung paano ako natutong magtextbrig para mangulit ng mga taong magdala na sila ng mga items nila kahit alam kong nakukulitan na sila sa akin.

Marami. At siyempre hindi lang naman ako. Lahat kaming nag-effort sa FOPC may sari-sariling storya. This is COLLABORATIVE EFFORT. Lahat kami siguro, may mga moments na gusto na naming iyakan. Pero worth-it naman. Nakuha namin ang Film Block. Iyon ang importante. At ngayon kailangan naman naming harapin ang susunod na step.

Ang pag-aalaga sa block na pinaghirapan namin.

Maraming salamat sa lahat!


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