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Hahahaha. Long hiatus again.

Anyway I’m back. Not sure if it’s for good, I just missed typing things and telling stories. And this blog’s freakin stagnant for like two months, so I think it deserves a post in a way.

Okay for some stories, the UP Cineastes’ Studio is nearing its 25th anniversary and like we are really busy with some of the grand activities, and a week from now is the Cinamalaya Goes to UP which, for the record, is being organized by the org for the past 5 years. It’s really one freakin hell ride because I know the executive board is like killing themselves just to pull this thing off. Well, our heads will be stacked in the chopping board next week, so we are like doing our novenas and incantations for the gods to help us next week.

The Cineastes applicants are so cool! I enjoy every minute with them, I just hope they are enjoying their application process too! Of course, I have my favorites, but I wont be squealing it here, just for fairness’ sake. I think so far they are enthusiastic. I hope they maintain that positive aura.

Anyway, my friend Fred and I ate dinner at Chowking Philcoa just this night. Wala lang, we just seeked for comfort so, Lauriat is the key! Hahaha. The wholesome and peaceful dinner became a night of secrets and gossips for we talked about every scandals and every interesting things we could talk about! Like it’s an ultimate bonding experience for us both, since it’s the first time we talked about these things over dinner. I enjoyed it very much since we were not given a chance to bond when he was still an applicant of the org.

Anyway, everyone’s busy in preparation of the people’s protest for GMA’s SONA this coming Monday. As for my part, I made some statement pins for the people to wear. This week might be the busiest week for me since we’ll be doing some room to room and focus class discussions regarding this SONA and why the students must raise their concerns in the streets and forward their disgust to the system and for GMA’s haunting CHACHA. Marami pang issues like term extension, that 100% ownership of local lands by foreigners, forced disappearances, marami. So if you think this SONA should be GMA’s last and you’re against the selling of our lands to foreign entities, you’re against harrassment and extrajudicial killings, or you’re just plainly annoyed by GMA’s face, join the July 27 rally. Collective action will take us to victory.

So much for that. Have to do some academic stuff. 🙂


If there’s anything that’s bothering me now, I guess it’s the fact that for about 3 days in the future, I’ll be making my own 5-minute short film for the first time. And when I say my own, I’ll be conceptualizing, writing and directing it ALONE. The first two short films I’ve made, Pass and Happy Holiday, are collaborations with my two lovely college best friends, Max and Mayee, thus forming the short-lived (is it? o dadalhin pa rin natin to sa ibang class? hahaha) ABC Entertainment Productions. (By the way, ABC is from the first letters of our last name, Aguinaldo, Baquiran, Casaclang.) Making those films seem a lot easier and funner since everyone’s just putting their own spice to a material to improve it and if everything failed, we have to at least share the blaim. Kapamilya. Haha.

But now, it’s different. I have to make the concept, improve it to make it into a full-blown story, then write something out of that story to make it a full-blown script. Then I have to plan for the shooting schedules and everything from the equipment to be used to the location etcetera. Then I have to direct it, then after those already tiring days, I still have to edit the film, put sound effects, and so on.

It could be fun if it’s only this thing that I am doing for this semester. But aside from these, I have to do at least 20 pages of paper work and i have to review for the final exams. Okay, that’s a little out of topic, I’m just really desperate to tell how busy and how awful my life is now. Hahaha.

Okay, the main thing that’s bothering me is the fact that there is a possibility (through Murphy’s Law) that I wont be able to pull everything off. I mean, come on, my concept is really ambitious for a first-timer, I’m already doing this non-linear narrative even though my professor advised me to use the simple, linear narrative. Yet what made me decide to go for my original concept is simple: gut feel.

I would love to make my very first film memorable and of course, I want to make my first film with a concept that I really want to make. So if in case my work would be badly received, it will just be okay. At least I have this fact in my mind that I did my work my way because I love it to be like that, than making the film because it’s the thing that others want it to become.

Waaaah. I really wish this film’s an ABC collaboration. I think it’s much funner with my college best buddies. I love Max and Mayee. Haha.

Well, that’s it. I really hope it would turn out great. And yeah, as part of this pre-productiong sickness, I am now experiencing mild insomnia. That’s actually regular to me especially when I’m constantly bothered.


Come and join us in celebrating our 24th year anniversary on September 24-26, 2008.
Watch out for the following activities:

  • Sept. 24, Wednesday
    • Opening of Exhibit (CommRes Lobby)
    • Grand Pakain (Skywalk, 12nn)
  • Sept. 25, Thursday
    • Double Dose: Free Film Screening (CMC Auditorium, 1-4pm)

    • The Original Jologs Quiz Show (Media Center, 4-7pm)

  • Sept. 26, Friday
    • Cineastes Sportsfest (CMC Parking Lot, 4pm)

See you there!

First, let me show you my wonderful schedule.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
08:30 AM – 11:00 AM Film 106 TRU Film 103 WRU Film 102 HRU
11:00 AM – 11:30 AM Film 106 TRU Film 103 WRU Film 102 HRU PE 2 CHL FEG
11:30 AM – 01:00 PM PE 2 CHL FEG
01:00 PM – 02:30 PM Pan Pil 17 THW1 Film 112 FWX Pan Pil 17 THW1
02:30 PM – 04:00 PM Film 112 FWX
04:00 PM – 07:00 PM Comm 100 WYZ

I think I deserve my schedule because I’ve been to one hell of a journey to get it. The enrollment really sucks, and far worse, I only got one GE subject so I’m now forced to take four film subjects this semester. and mind you, they are all 3-hours-once-a-week classes. Argggh.

And see, my wednesdays are FULL. I really dont have any idea on how I could manage to study harder with three major subjects crammed in just a day. and I have barely an hour for my break.

Tuesday, June 10

It’s the freshie welcome assembly! We had much much fun. I saw the enthusiasm in the face of those film freshies! Parang ako lang din noon. And I know there’s a lot of things alloted for them. As for my classes, I just had Sir Tilman and he dismissed a little too early.

Wednesday, June 11

I only had Film 103 and again, with Sir Tilman. I noticed he wore the same shirt as yesterday. Hahaha. And yeah, my first Comm 100 will be on July 2. So, one month free!

Thursday, June 12

Yey! Independence day! Okay, Sir Palomares is okay, I think. Hope I learn a lot from him, though. 🙂 And I again met Ma’am Salanga for PanPil 17 along with my other classmates in MPs 10! Yey. And the UP Cineastes’ Studio had our very first General Assembly this sem. It’s supposed to be held on the thirteenth, but because of superstitious beliefs, yeah. Hahaha.

Friday, June 13

Friday the Thirteenth! I think friday the thirteenth’s bad luch thing doesn’t work for me because i just had 1 class for the day and soon, i’ll be having 4 days in a week off because I only have like 3 remaining meetings with my PE! Hahahaha.

Ummm yeah I have to admit that this day gave me a little nega-feeling. I didn’t feel that well and became a little irritable. But I was to able to go home safe and sound, so i think that’s lucky. 🙂


The Pump UP @ 100 party at Opus Bar, Metrowalk was a BAM! There are lots of guests and umm, guest performers! Saan ka pa makakakita ng 140 worth ng free-flowing drinks and superb performances? I really enjoyed the night. Well except that I really like to tear off my clothes that night because they looked too baggy for my saggy and porky body. Hahahaha. I really had nothing good to wear! Well what matters most is nag-enjoy naman ako for the most of the time. Hey, the UP Cineastes’ Studio won as the org with the most number of attendees! WOW! Sabi ko na kasi competetive talaga kami. Kaya naman kami ang the best. Naman! Hahaha. Andaming Cineaste na nandun kaya nagmukha na naman siyang Cineaste event.

Actually I missed most of the Cineastes and the party and drinking sessions reminded me of the December 17, 2007 Cineaste Night-out na masasabing isang milestone sa buhay ko bilang freshie ako noon and all. Hahaha. At ngayong sophomore na ako ay napakasarap gawin at ulit-ulitin ang mga ganoong moments. Yung tapos na lahat ng work and the things you only need to worry is how you would make yourself as sober as possible. Haaaaay. The party was a good way to end the tiring FOPC bid. Worth-it!

Another thing that made my Opus Bar experience worthwhile was the presence of some of the film freshmen! Nakakatuwa lang na hindi pa man sila nagsisimula ay nandyan na sila, nakikigulo na. Ang-sweet.
Sana mas marami pang chances na maka-bond namin sila and palagay ko, making them enjoy their first year in college could be one of the sweetest accomplishments I could obtain. 😉

*Photos courtesy of Eugene Sangalang and Jefferson Cabral



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Ang nakakainis na parte sa pasukan na ito ay yung 9 units lang ang na-enlist ko at eto pa, bigla bigla na lang nag-iba ang prof ko sa Film 102 from the most competent and wise to the not so competent and not so wise. Hahaha. Frustration ko siya ngayon. Sa totoo lang wala naman akong pakialam kung sino mang prof sa mga subjects ko dahil naman sa mas importante sa akin talaga ang schedule. Pero huwag naman sa mga majors. At lalo namang huwag yung prof na yon. Hahahah.

Gusto ko naman in the most possible way na magkaroon ng good film education. Yun lang naman ang gusto ko sa buhay. Kaso kung sa mga not so competent at not so wise teachers ka mapupunta eh para saan na lang yon.

By the way, ang-awkward lang ng title ko. Parang guessing game. 🙂

Parang one month ago lang nang nagsimba ako sa Holy Family Parish Church sa Roxas District, Quezon City para ipagdasal ang kapalaran ng bid ng org namin for FOPC. Dinasal ko talaga na sana huwag maging failure ang pagtatangka namin dahil sabi ko nga, baka magkanervous breakdown ako pag hindi namin nakuha ang film block.

Andami kasing isinakripisyo ng mga members ng UP Cineastes’ Studio para lang sa bid para sa K4 block. Pera, panahon, acad things.

Sa tuwing naiisip ko ang ilang mga bagay ang ginawa ko para sa FOPC na ito, napapangiti na lang ako. Naaalala ko:

  • Kung paano ako nagdecide na kumuha ng CWTS kahit pwede namang hindi dahil ito lang naman ang pwede kong idahilan para makaluwas ako ng Maynila noong summer.
  • Kung paano ako umabsent ng mapailang beses sa CWTS ko para pumunta sa mga meetings ng FOPC at wala akong pakialam kung ma-drop ko ang subject na yon.
  • Kung paano dapat na matahimik kong apakan at pipiin ang mga PET bottles at mga aluminum cans dahil ayaw kong makaistorbo ang mga kabahay ko sa Kalay. At diretsong apat na oras kong ginagawa iyon sa isang araw.
  • Kung paano ko pilit pinagkasya ang mga ito sa maliit kong kwarto at tiisin ang mala-alak nang amoy ng ilang boteng hindi tuluyang natanggalan ng laman.
  • Kung paano ko tiniis ang hiya sa katawan matapos akong iwan ng roommate ko dahil hindi na siya makatiis sa amoy at sa kalat ng kwarto namin.
  • Kung paano ako nakaapak ng staple wire galing sa mga papel at dumugo ng bongga ang paa ko. Takot ko pang ma-tetano.
  • Kung paano ko pinigil na hindi maiyak sa pagpapagalit at pagbibintang sa akin ng nakatataas sa Kalay na ginagamit ko daw ang pasilidad ng dorm para kumita ng pera. Ibinebenta ko daw ang mga PET bottles na dinadala ko sa kwarto ko.
  • Kung paano ko iniyakan ang mga moments na nalalaman kong lamang ang kalaban at hindi ko alam kung saan kukuha ng lakas at resources.
  • Kung panno ako bumuhat ng gerlat sa balikat ko for 3 minutes nonstop para manalo sa isang game sa Sportsfest.
  • Kung paano ako natutong magtextbrig para mangulit ng mga taong magdala na sila ng mga items nila kahit alam kong nakukulitan na sila sa akin.

Marami. At siyempre hindi lang naman ako. Lahat kaming nag-effort sa FOPC may sari-sariling storya. This is COLLABORATIVE EFFORT. Lahat kami siguro, may mga moments na gusto na naming iyakan. Pero worth-it naman. Nakuha namin ang Film Block. Iyon ang importante. At ngayon kailangan naman naming harapin ang susunod na step.

Ang pag-aalaga sa block na pinaghirapan namin.

Maraming salamat sa lahat!

Well actually ang paniwala ko kami ang centennial freshies noong kapapasok ko pa lang sa UP pero ang incoming freshies pala ang may hawak ng distinction na ito, so, okay!

Nandun ako sa isa sa FOP na naganap sa Diosdado Macapagal Hall sa School of Economics dahil nag-usher/ assistant keme ako sa mga stage directors. Andaming freshies! At nakikita ko sa mukha nila enthusiastic din sila tulad ko noon. Excited, ganyan. Well I wish mag-enjoy sila first year nila sa UP!

Angweird lang na dinidiscourage ng admin na mag-org ang mga freshies na ultimo sa mga survival kits ng mga freshies ay bawal nang maglagay ng mga advertisements regarding orgs. Pati yung mga host ng FOP nung araw na yon ay parang nareprimand at pinaalalahanan na huwag magbanggit ng mga promotion ek-ek sa mga orgs. Angweird. Ang mga orgs naman lalo na yung mga academic orgs ay nandiyan naman para suportahan ang mga freshies lalo na sa mga academic needs nila. Siguro nakaapekto yung mga events na naganap sa mga frat last year kaya siguro naging ganito ang treatment ng admin sa mga orgs. Well, nasa handbook naman ng mga freshies na bawal magjoin ng frat in their first year.

Pero ito personal ko nang statement: MAKAKATULONG ANG ORGS SA MGA FRESHIES. According to personal experience na yan. Lalo na’t ang blocking system sa UP ay parang wala naman talagang kwenta, makakatulong ang orgs sa pagbuo ng relationship with other UP peeps. Importante ang socialization lalo na sa period of adjustment ng mga freshies dahil mahirap talaga yung walang kaibigan sa unang year.

Sa totoo lang nilu-look forward ko noong araw ng FOP na may makita akong Film freshies dahil ako noon ay napakaenthusiastic makakita talaga ng mga film students. Ganyan. Sa course na film kasi importante yung may mga kakilala ka at koneksyon, ganyan.

Mga freshies, go lang sa buhay! Kayang kaya nyo ang UP! Make a difference! Go sa acads! Go sa org! 😉

After some weeks of hiatus, I am now back for some blogging action!

But, woooaaah. I was really surprised of wordpress’ new interface. Many changes! Hahaha.

Yes, I’ve been away from wordpress, actually avoiding to blog things because I was too emotional in the past week. See, I’ve left Kalayaan Residence Hall so I have no where to live at now. Hahaha. Plus it’s so sad that I wont be going back to Kalai to stay and all, I’ll miss my floor mates and of course my ever-beautiful room.

Waaah. I had enough of those drama things.

I will be busy for the coming days because first, I’ll be having my summer classes, every weekdays from 1-5pm, and second, because I’m now a part of the executive board of my org, we’ll go with joining the Freshmen Orientation Program Committee. Hope we get the film block like how the org got our block last time. Hahaha. Go Cineaste!

And as of now, some of my professors are still not uploading my grades at the CRS. Need to see them, please! Hahaha. Wala pa kasi akong nakikitang grade na may amoy man lang ng uno. Yung dalawang grades na naka-post, dos at two-five. Hindi naman katakataka, yung dalawang yun ang pinakaayaw kong subject ngayong second sem. Na-blog ko na dito yung isang subject. Hahaha. Kinakabahan ako sa CW 10 at sa Film 100 ko. Waaaah.

Sa ngayon, I’m trying to enjoy the rest of the vacation days here at the province. Hope to return to Quezon City by Wednesday.

And of course, how would I forget, CONGRATULATIONS to JANN MIKHAIL “MISHA” LECAROS for being the Assistant Editor of the new PLAYBOY PHILIPPINES magazine! Buddy, I’m really really proud of you!


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