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blog_compressed.jpgI read Ms. Munik Baldemor’s blog (felt so virginal, isn’t it? haha) and was somehow inspired to do a year-ender post. Haha. A few hours ago, I was reminiscing some old television shows and was amused with the list I was making! Yeah, it was so fun that I started bragging my jologs brain to my orgmates Richmond, Mayee and Jen who were ill-fated to experience my purely jologs hour. Really fun! But because I’m becoming a little off-topic, better yet start this 2007 year-ender. Tagalog/Taglish mode on!


January was just sad for realizing that I only have roughly three months to spend quality time with high school friends. Nakakaasar talaga ang pakiramdam. The unveiling ofsome of the entrance exam results for different colleges was done on this month so it was at the same time very pressuring and panicky. Ateneo results lang ang lumabas at instant celebrity ako sa school bilang dalawa lang kami sa school ang pumasa. Yehey! Sad din naman talaga ang buwan na ito because my heart was too damaged. Ang maganda naman dun ay nakapag-form ako ng good relations sa taong yun at actually, naituloy ko naman ang courting process (pero palagay ko hindi nya talaga pansin) until some months after. Haha.


Maraming nangyari sa February. UP revealed that I’m a genuine UPCAT passer (Diliman Campus!) and that’s another thing to brag about. Yeah, it is a big deal for everyone because everyone knows that I am a certified bottom rank in class. Daig ko pa ang mga nasa top 10 dahil hindi lahat sila ay pumasa sa UP at hindi lahat sila ay sa Diliman ang campus. Haha. Ang buwan na ito ang kapanganakan ng aking butihing blog because I was too tired with Blogger and it is causing me much pressure. Para kasing kailangan kong masyadong ipersonalize ang blog. But wordpress saved me. May isang blogger kasi na taga-UP rin ang nakapag-inspire sa akin to do this blog dahil nakakatuwa na maraming nakakaappreciate sa gawa niya at nakakaaliw din ang mga stories niya. And it somehow revitalized my will to blog! Sino siya? Nasa Blogroll ko. 🙂 Na-virus ang computer ko ng Gwen Choba Scandal virus at kumalat siya sa buo kong computer at nang ipinareformat ang computer ay nawala nang lahat ang HappySlip videos na na-download ko sa YouTube. The nerve (anoh toh?). Ngunit dahil naman sa mahinahon ako ay kinaya ko namang lahat. JS Prom din namin at dahil nga seniors kami ay may karapatan na kaming mang-insulto ng party na in-organize ng mga Juniors. I know it is mean. Haha. Haggard ang Feb dahil dito ko tinapos ang napakapangit na thesis ko na hindi ko na matandaan ang title. Napangitan ako ng sobra kaya hindi na ako umasa na manalo ng Best Thesis.


Yes, nearly parting ways. Tengga mode na ang pakiramdam ng mga tao sa classroom namin at ang iniisip na lang ay how we should spend the rest of the days together. We had a party at Homer Lindain’s house, where it served as the graduation party (because the school administration didn’t organize something for us) and at the same time victory party for Homer, who was hailed school Valedictorian. The first time I saw unlimited flowing of beer. Yeah. Happy. Sad. Alternate yan.


Graduation. There was nothing special dahil hindi solemn ang ceremony and there was nodsc003561.jpg graduation party at our house. Haha. Bitter? Too bad. Dito ko na rin huling nakita si Friendship Maria Isabel Saturno Della, my ever loyal bestfriend (Na hanggang ngayon ay hindi pa nagpapakita sa akin). So I decided to send myself to Manila to adjust to the Manila environment and atmosphere. It was first very difficult because I wasn’t used to the heat and the smell, like, you know, these things are almost not in a lalawigan vocabulary (wahaha). But I somehow managed to adapt myself do the new world I would be living in for the next four years.


Medyo suicidal na ang level dito dahil sa sobrang kabagutan at kasabikan na makapasok na sa UP. Nag-enroll na ako at na-meet ko na ang mga blockmates ko. The only names I can recall that time were Max, Justine, Bea, Phy, Cedrick, Mayee, Rain and Jen. Yun lang, at nangangamba akong baka next time ay wala na akong matandaang pangalan. Si Monica, late ko na nakilala dahil naman sa nagkatabi kami sa upuan so most likely siya lang ang natatandaan ko ng matagal. Yun. Para matanggal yung kabagutan ay paulit-ulit kongdsc010411.jpg pinapatugtog sa computer ang UP Naming Mahal. Sa month na rin ito nag-iisip na ako kung anong film org ang sasalihan ko. I just realized that I need an org in order to gain friends because somehow they are an essential factor for my survival in UP. The two orgs I was thinking of joining were actually CAST (which, actually had the more hatak factor for me that time because my blockmates actually want to join this and basta, some personal factors haha) and Cineaste (Because I love their 2007A reel. Yun lang talaga actually). The gay person who actually toured us to the Ishmael Bernal Gallery and the Cine Adarna would eventually become one of my closest friends at UP (and obviously, because I treat him as my Mother), Jumar Yap. Cineaste people also started to bombard me with comments on this blog to convince me to join them, the first of them is my current pal Richmond Garcia. So yeah, maybe it worked somehow.


It was extra special because it was the first month at UP! A lot of this happened and there are a lot of firsts! I was becoming a little homesick, pero okay lang naman. Masaya talaga ang entirety ng June dahil dito ko na talaga nakilala ang ilang orgmates ko ngayon at pati na rin si Sir Michael Charleston Chua na hanggang ngayon ay kakulitan ko pa. Go Sir! Na-experience ko na rin ang Buhay Kalay at palagay ko na-enjoy ko naman ito ng husto. Masaya ang buhay dorm akala nyo. 🙂 Pero kung iisipin ko yung mga pagpunta ko sa Ate ko every week parang pansin ko na sobrang haggard pala dahil nilalakad ko mula Pantranco pauwi sa kanila. Nakakapagod pala.

End of Part 1


It was the first time in my life that I somehow hated the Christmas break.


I hate you guys for making me MISS YOU so much.

Yep. They had become a part of my everyday life recently that when the Christmas break came, I had the hard time to accept the fact that it would still take more or less two weeks before I could see them again. And mind you, just three days without them felt like a year.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it again and again:
Joining the UP Cineastes’ Studio was the best decision of my College life so far.

– Marie Joseph Foz Baquiran
December 2007


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