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piratesActually, I was partially hesitant to watch the movie, since I haven’t viwed the two first films. But since I love watching movies at cinemas, I still went with Ate to watch it. 🙂


I’ll just mention some things which made this film worth watching. These are some of the reasons why you should watch it:

  1. One of the best visual effects I’ve seen so far is the waterfall scene. I also liked the whirlpool scene, it makes me shiver when I imagine myself in that kind of situation.
  2. Sound is well, music is well. What I really love is the climax part. The music is well-arranged. Haha. And also the pirate’s song at the start of the film.
  3. There is enough humor in this film to make you not feel bored or something. Even I, who failed to watch the first to films of the series had much fun watching it.
  4. Captain Davy Jones’ tentacles is so…amazing.
  5. Captain Jack Sparrow will get hallucinations (ooops. ahahaha)

Reasons why you shouldn’t watch Pirates:

  1.  The  stupid MTRCB rated it General Patronage. You won’t love your kids to see gunshot wounds on the head, clear stab wounds on the chest or torso, or a weapon plunged from your ngalangala then passing to the brain, to the head, to the scalp. Or Davy Jones’ tentacles slashed. Plus you don’t want your children to see kissing adults (though obviously you really want to see them kiss, or do someting more. Haha). It doesn’t mean that it is Disney made, it will be as child-friendly as Mickey Mouse or Sleeping Beauty. 🙂
  2. The love story between Davy Jones and Calypso was not detailed. Really annoying.
  3. There are a lot of plotholes in the movie.

But overall, still a good movie. 🙂 Need to watch the other two. Haha.


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I am back in Quezon City and something welcomed me last night. 🙂

I was watching Jumong in a cold room (obviously because it is air-conditioned) when I heard pops of fireworks from somewhere. I just ignored it but it seems that it is in the same rhythmic fluctuation patterns of the lights inside the house. I asked my cousin about those sounds and he just said “Ah…Basketball lang yon.” But when we send our heads out of the door, we were shocked to see that the electrical wires in front of the house is on fire.

We immediately woke Tito and Tita up to fend on the catastrophic incident happening outside. Tita was really on panic while Tito went out of the house to turn off the main switch. Suddenly, neighbors also went on panic (because we are living in a closely-packed neighborhood, sharing a single building divided into quarters) and went out of the house immediately.

So we went out. And it was like a party. A lot of us is on the streets with elders already crying on one side, dogs were sent out to be safe, and kids (teens I mean) are sitting on the street. Well, at first, I felt that they were too overacting, because the “fire” is still on the wire, burning the rubber-coating (Is it rubber?) of the wire off. Immediately, the Barangay Chairman arrived holding an expired fire extinguisher, which I doubt if it worked. Buti na lang kamo may dala pang isang pampatay ng sunog. Haha. So the fire was off.

My sister then arrived from work. I saw her so I said “Oy ate!” We then went inside the house.

Grabe. Nagkwentuhan kami sa gitna ng napakadilim na bahay. My sister said she was really worried because upon reaching the area she heard one of the neighbors said “May nagpaputok daw”. I confirmed our safety when she heard me call her. My Tita then told us that the first thing she is about to bring out of the house was in fact her shoes. She sent the light on her shoes with the small flashlight-and yes, it was near the door. My cousin then insisted that they should now look for a safer place to live, where there is no blackouts and no fires. Haha.

Since Meralco took a little less than an hour to come and fix the burnt wire, I was able to serve the house as the human fan. I was the official aircon that time, serving my sister and my cousin.

Meralco fixed the problem immediately, and traced the source of explosions as overloading. Well, we aren’t the one using two air conditioners at the same time, mind you. It was someone out there. Ahahah. Yeah. Neighborhood love.

It’s been how many days since I went home to my province. And since then I haven’t found something interesting to do. So, post ko na lang ang sked ko. Hehehe. Just click onthe thumbnail. 🙂 Well, as you can see, I have my Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon off.


By that time I can eat isaw because Kalai is near the isawan, or I can go to SM North or even to Gateway (sana lang eh hindi ako mawala na naman) to watch the recent movie, or just stroll around UP campus. Hehe.

  • I’ve been eating much since I am really bored and I’ve wasted my time watching DVDs. Umm. Hehe. This time I am watching King Kong. 🙂
  • If anyone knows how to have cheap domain or how to download/install wordpress, just inform me. 🙂
  • I was looking for my artist pencils. It is a complete set given to me by my father. I really, really love to draw and I want to learn the secrets of Photoshop. Teach me! Ehehehe.
  • I failed to watch American Idol for the past 2 weeks.
  • I was crying one night because I was wrongly accused by a good friend. I hate people who makes simple disagreements terribly contagious.
  • My sleeping time moved: from early 10:30 it was moved to 4:00 in the morning. Then I’ll wake up by 11:00 to take my brunch. 🙂
  • Thanks to Ate Coreen, Kuya Bikoy, Anna, and Kuya Neil for the advice. 🙂
  • Guys of batch 2007, I missed you so much! Sana naman nagpupunta kayo sa blog ko para naman may silbi kayo. Hmph. 😀

U.P. naming mahal
Pamantasang hirang
Ang tinig namin
Sana’y iyong dinggin
Malayong lupain
Amin mang marating
Di rin magbabago ang damdamin
Di rin magbabago ang damdamin
Luntian at pula
Sagisag magpakailanman
Ating ipagdiwang
Bulwagan ng dangal
Humayo’t itanghal
Giting at tapang
Mabuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan
Mabuhay ang pag-asa ng bayan.

I was singing UP Naming Mahal over and over again. I found a streamed music of UP Naming Mahal and it was sung by the UP Concert Chorus. My sister passed by the computer and heard me singing it. “Masyado ka na yatang engrossed sa UP, kuya”.

Hindi ah.

UP naming mahal…Pamantasang hirang…

Okay, back to reality. I was constantly daydreaming of what will be my life this coming June. I was thinking of how I would cope up with things I usually don’t/can’t do, like being quiet all the while because you don’t have anyone to talk to, like walking a long way for my next class, or like staying in a room I am not used sleeping into. It was like college life was too hard for me and I wasn’t that used to being away from my parents. For sixteen sweet years I was used of being always in my parents’ wing, with all my necessities already laid on a silver platter.

I really want to blame my parents for not letting me experience to be far away from them, for me to attend to my own needs, to do homework without consulting them, and for even letting me choose my clothes to be bought. But only love should be blamed.

I was even near crying one time when I went alone to UP for the first time. It was raining hard that day and I was eating my palabok at the UFS in Vinsons. I look like a loser that moment. I tried to comfort myself by going upstairs to observe some people, then go down.

It was really hard for me to make friends because I do not know the approach I need to do in order to please them. I usually wait for persons to ask my name. I really never introduced myself to anybody.

The worst thing that time is that I really don’t know where should I wait for a Pantranco ride to go back to my cousin’s house. There are a lot of people waiting outside Vinsons, but I really don’t know what line should I take and what line really leads to a Pantranco ride. I even took the wrong line.

Being a probinsyano was really a disadvantage. Being loved so much was a disadvantage, too. Mahirap mag-isa, lalo na kapag wala kang alam. Kaya nakakatakot mag-aral lalo na at malayo ka sa magulang mo. Would I appreciate my UP life when all the time I am really alone and sad? Sabi nila masaya naman ang UP life pero paano akong magiging masaya? I really want freedom but what if I cannot exercise this freedom well?

Mahirap, pero kaya yan. Kayang kaya yan. Ako pa.

Yesterday, my mother and father were in some kind of  argument focusing on whom they should vote for the senatorial elections. I was amazed by the fact that even though they are a couple for two decades still they haven’t produced a list of senators identical to each other. Haha. Individual preferences.

I was insisting for them to vote for Kabataan Partylist but my father seems not to recognize it. My mother seems to favor Gabriela. And my sister seems to be undecided.

As what I have observed during surveys and interviews, people nowadays cannot be deceived. They now know who has the brain, who has the experience, and who has the natural capability to govern. Most of the senatorial candidates who dominated the surveys are indeed good and intelligent(IMHO). Though some people may accept bribe money, they still vote for whom they think is right and proper. Sino nga namang makakaalam ng boto mo kundi ikaw lang naman din, hindi ba?

I maybe not a political type of person, but still I believe that the people should vote for candiates whom they know have done a significant amount of improvement to our country and who exercises undeniably healthy lifestyle. Lagi namang ganyan dapat eh.

Kaso sa tingin ko may mga taong desperado na talaga at naniniwala sa mga pangako ng mga politiko na pagagandahin ang buhay nila. Hindi ang mga politiko ang magpapaganda ng buhay natin: sila lamang ay mga mekanismo, at tayong mga mamamayan ang dapat magpaandar sa kanila. Ang kadalasang nangyayari kasi, ang mga mekanismong ito ang kumokontrol sa atin. Hindi dapat iyon ang mangyari: para na tayong nasa Matrix kung ganon. Dapat may sarili tayong sikap at utak. Kailangan na alam nating kilatisin kung ang mga desisyon ng ating mga lider ay nakakabuti pa o nakasasama na pala.

I believe that people who make promises are losers. Those who make commitment are winners. Kaya ang mga politikong nangangako, sila kadalasan ang mga taong ginagawang bobo ang mga mamboboto. Ang mga taong ibinibigay ang kanilang sarili at buhay para makapagsilbi kahit  nasa posisyon o wala sa gobyerno, iyon ang hinahangaan ko.

Vote honestly, vote wisely.

I barely slept for around three hours because I feel very uncomfortable sleeping beside the aircon. It was so noisy and at the same time very cold. Plus I was too worried for I wasn’t sure if my requirements for the enrollment are already complete.lasallite.jpg

I woke up at 7:00 to fix myself. I was very lazy that time for I still feel that I still need to lay my head to bed. But still, we (my father, straight from the province accompanied me) left my cousin’s house at 8:00.

Since it was my first time to go to Plaridel Hall, I was a bit confused because when we arrived at the said hall, the gates(gates nga ba? basta yung nasa pinto sa harap) are still closed. I thought that I was too early but I found out that the orientations started some minutes ago at the annex. Wow. Late.

So I registered through a cozy laptop on the registration table and they gave me a *kit and a name tag. I then went straight to the CMC Auditorium.

The CMC Auditorium that time was already full, and only a few seats on the front was available, so I needed to bow down while walking to avoid interrupting other students.

Since I only slept for three hours, I wasn’t on the mood that time to shout, clap, and follow melchor.jpgthe MC’s instructions to make the crowd lively. Though these people from SaMasKom (the MCs) are really lively and an attention magnet, they still did not wake up my sleeping mind. Well, not until the male host went to some kind of Question and Answer portion and put me to the hot seat. I am in front, so sabi niya “Malas mo nasa harap ka. Dyan ka umupo eh. So tatanungin kita.” And then he asked me a question similar to this:

“Bakit ka nag-UP?”

So ako, wala sa mood. I just simply answered “Eh kasi wala kaming pera.”

Some (I can’t justify kung some or most or everyone. Nakatakilod ako nun. Haha.) clapped their hands and I even heard one faculty (girl, short-haired) say “Good answer.” E hello, wala ako sa mood. Haha.

The orientation then focused on sexual harassment and gender orientation. CMC Chair Kuya Karol then had some talks on varying issues (mostly for entertainment and comical purposes, haha) and presented some student council members. After several minutes, we were able to go out and have a break for a while and then we went to some Film Reps for papeles.jpginstructions. They are fun to be with, and they even initiated a game which I really cannot understand. The film reps that I still remember the names are kuya Tope, Kuya Caloy, Ate Ice and Ate Sam because they are the some who still wears their name tags on.

We then went inside Plaridel Hall for the advising and fell on one line. Well, actually the line is two. Haha. One is for already enlisted on their courses and a line for those who haven’t preenlisted. And it took us more or less thirty minutes to finish that station! And sabi ko nga sa katabi ko, “And Step 1 pa lang tayo ha.”

Upon getting out Plaridel Hall and getting in Melchor Hall where the enrollment took place, I noticed that people who talked to me know my name when all the time I still cannot remember when did they first talked to me to ask my name. I then noticed that I haven’t removed my name tag yet, to my disgrace. 🙂

Okay. This story is now too long, like the pila sa UP. I still cannot imagine na pipila ako ng ganong katagal ng humigit-kumulang walong beses sa buhay ko sa UP. Ay. Katakot.

Nasampolan na nga ako nun nung mag-isa akong nagpunta sa UP for the first time (story and pictures soon!) kasi super haba ng pila sa Vinsons sa sakayan ng jeep. Sabi ng mga upperclassmen masanay na raw kami. Nung enrollment nga raw na yon, priority pa kami. E paano na yun pag hindi na kami priority? Mas matagal pa sa pilang ginawa ko ang gagawin ko? Oh My Gosh.

UP really stands for University of Pila. Haha.

But I still cannot stop thinking of the fact that I was too lonely at those moment kasi wala akong kakilala.

* The kit includes the UP-CMC survival kit, which has some direct attacks to La Salle (really made me laugh, with the singko grade wahaha) some forms and a green thingy provided by the student council. I think.

—oo nga pala, sa mga kaibigan kong hindi pa nakapunta sa UP-Diliman, ang gusaling nakalagay sa blog entry na ito ay ang MELCHOR HALL kung saan ginanap ang enrollment na may pagkahaba-habang pila.

I woke up earlier than before (that is eight o’clock) to fix myself for a libot trip at UP. I need to acclimatize myself to UP environment to avoid getting the “probinsyano ka anoh” impression in the event I enter the university at June.

My cousin Kuya Ze and I left the house at eleven.:D

We had a long walk from the house to Pantranco (is that how it should be spelled?) and waited near Jollibee and the soon to open Hotel SOGO for a jeepney ride straight to the UP Campus. After a few minutes of waiting, we were able to find one.

I then saw the familiar path to UP. It was one of the greatest thing at UP, the pathway to the entrance, with the Oblation standing near a nicely-designed facade. Sunflowers can be seen as you pass the many-lane pathway, and huge sculptures can be seen on each sides of the road. When the jeepney turned right, I saw huge acacia trees covering the street: it was a lovely scene. Deja Vu . It was like I was again in my former home, the Central Luzon State University, passing through its acacia tree-shaded streets.

We then dropped by Vinsons to check if I was accepted at the dormitory but irritatingly, I need to check back tomorrow for the announcement of results were moved. Vinsons’ hallway was kinda dirtier than before. As I walked along the hallway of the second floor, I took a glance at the Kabataan Partylist room where I partially saw people on the middle of a hefty conversation.

I sent a text message to Nikki (she wants to be called like that) Aquino, my classmate for two years to ask her whereabouts. She was in Melchor Hall for her enrollment, so my cousin and I rushed to Melchor Hall to meet her. After just a minute, she and her mother left.

I was supposed to meet another friend, Darrel Jimenez, but he was still inside Melchor Hall to enroll, so, we decided to take a stroll and find Kalayaan Residence Hall-my supposed dorm. And we found it. Really surprising. I still want to visit UP Film Institute but rain clouds started to cover UP so we decided to end our UP libot. We waited for a jeepney at Osmena (where Juinio, Malcolm, and Melchor Hall can be found) and found out that jeepneys does not pass that road. We looked hopelessly dumb! Upon riding the jeepney I was able to wander my eyes around to search for familiar buildings like the UFO-like church, the Infirmary, and the so-called shopping center. I then found Plaridel Hall, my supposed college.

The End.

Oh wait. We then went to SM North Edsa and ate food at The Block.

And we went home riding a nausea-inducing jeepney. When I asked the lady beside me to please send my fare to the driver, she didn’t respond, so I thought she did not hear me. So I repeated my request, on a louder tone. She then responded on a loud and sarcastic tone “Sandali lang ha.” I didn’t know that she was getting her fare, too. I said sorry but she just ignored me. Oh well.

We stopped by Pantranco and took the overpass. I was too dizzy that time because the jeepney has nausea-inducing breaking patterns. I thought that I really need to puke but I resisted. I was able to go home safe, sound, and clean, but upon entering the living room, my body just automatically dropped on the sofa and didn’t notice that I fell asleep for four hours.

Bigla bigla na lang, dalawa sa mga kaibigan ko ang nagshutdown ng kanilang mga blogs, si Rodel at si Homer. Ano kaya ang nangyari?

I am really worried.

Its been weeks since I’ve visited my blog and wasn’t surprised at all to see that nothing much changed on the statcounter. I have been inactive since I was going back and forth Quezon City to fix some things for college. And the hard thing is, as I fail to do blogging regularly, my interest to blogging was deteriorating, too.

But, no. I won’t let go of blogging. Blogging revived me when I was all down and not feeling well. It was my friend when everyone seems to be my enemy. It was my last resort when everything seems confusing.

Tama na ang drama. Hehe.

Nasa QC ako ngayon, nagbabakasyon. Napanood ko ang Spider-Man 3 nung first day of showing nito sa Gateway. Andami ng tao! Buti na lang reserved seating ang sistema sa Gateway kaya nakakuha kami ng magandang mga upuan. Masayang manood ng pelikula pero hindi masaya pag naiihi ka na at gusto mo talagang pumunta na sa palikuran. Haha.

I was unimpressed at UP Diliman campus (aesthetically). Pero can’t judge it pa rin kasi isang building lang ang napasok ko. Hehe. Vinsons Hall was way too creepy. Napaisip tuloy ako, kailan ko kaya mararamdaman ang benefits ng tuition fee na babayaran ko sa pasukan? Parang palagay ko pag nakatapos na ako sa pag-aaral at saka ko lang mararamdaman na natatamasa na ng iba ang kapalit ng binabayaran ko. Haha.

Bracket C ako. Ayos na rin. Hehe.

At nalaman kong 31 lang palang freshman ang nasa kursong BA Film and Audio Visual Coummunication. Grabe ha. Napakakaunti lang pala talaga ang may interes sa kursong pinili ko! Parang kalahati lang ito ng bilang ng buong batch namin ng High School. Haha.

As of now, hindi ko pa rin maaccess ang UIS para malaman kung ayos na ang schedule ko na ipinapreenlist. Nakakaasar. Hindi ko maaccess ang Haaay.


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